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Bambi Buttons and Nicole Oring go head to head in a no holds barred pro-style battle with Sumiko as the referee. The rules to win are simple: the first 5 count pin will clinch it.

After Sumiko states the rules, Bambi and Nicole circle each other before locking up intensely. Nicole applies a standing guillotine that is short lived, as Bambi reverses their positions with a chicken wing. Bambi barely has the hold applied when Nicole grabs her leg and pulls, sending the beautiful blonde down to the mats and into a step over toe hold. Nicole does her best to garnish a submission from Bambi, but fails when she escapes completely. Bambi rushes to the wall and runs back, delivering a belly splash that leaves Nicole reeling. Bambi tries to make quick work out of Nicole with a 5 count pin attempt, but the Asian powerhouse kicks out. Frustrated, they both stand up and go at it again.

Bambi and Nicole are fierce in this fast paced, back and forth match. Sumiko is actively involved as the referee, consistently commenting on the tactics and holds applied. Several pin attempts are made by each wrestler as they fight neck and neck through the duration. With each kick out, the tension rises and the ladies become more and more set on being the winner.

After fighting at top speed with numerous near misses, Bambi is able to get Nicole into an incredibly tight reverse figure four head scissors. Nicole hangs onto consciousness as best she can, but ultimately cannot escape or sustain wakefulness. When Nicole goes out completely, Bambi slaps on a crossbody pin as Sumiko counts out to 5. Bambi isn’t satisfied with a mere 5 count, however. Gloating, she insists Sumiko do a 10 count, to which Sumiko indulges her. When Bambi stands, Sumiko lifts her arm high in the air, showcasing her victory over Nicole. Bambi is all smiles as she victory poses over the fallen Nicole.


standing guillotine
chicken wing
step over toe hold
belly splashes
belly punches
knees to the belly
hair grabs
standing foot choke
single leg sweep takedown
match book pin
pro arm bar
grappling arm bar
sleeper hold
elbows to belly
chest stomps
swing out stunner
x factor
reverse guillotine
lifted bear hug
head kicks
belly splashes
roundhouse kicks
leg drops to neck
rolling senton splash
reverse figure four head scissors
crossbody pin
victory pose


Length: 11 min

Price: 9.99