(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Jessica Nicole is by her lonesome in the mat room practicing her kata as she’s been indulged in highly focused training for vengeance against Tiny and the Machine. During her spiel, she’s ambushed by Anne Marie who’s swiftly dealt with via arm flip throw. A flashed fist to the face astonishes Anne, but she proceeds with an ineffective offense resulting in her fist being crushed by Jessica. Anne taps from the hold and Jessica lets up before shoving Anne against the wall. Anne tests her luck again, but gets her kick countered with a pressure point sole squeeze for the knockout and a win pose.

Monroe is the next to challenge as she’s the next level before the Machine and Tiny. She demonstrates just how capable she is by using Anne as her training dummy and taking her out with a reverse figure-four headscissor. Jessica offers herself to be Monroe’s next target and easily withstands the rear figure-four headscissor applied to her. Monroe attempts a triangle choke and a standing headscissor only to be taunted and chastised by the more powerful Jessica. Seeing just how fruitless her efforts were, Monroe attempts to escape but Jessica is hot on her heels with a reverse bearhug. A worn Monroe is thrown to the mats and secured snug in a reverse figure-four headscissor for a KO. Next Jessica applies the triangle choke she received earlier, which easily lays Monroe out cold. Jessica also uses her quads to lock in a standing headscissor that leaves Monroe in a derri “air” KO pose. Jessica then drags her limp dolls to the back of the room, then wakes them as they’re presented with front-row seats to her war against the Machine and Tiny, but not without paralyzing them with pressure point sole squeezes.

Jessica Summons Tiny and the Machine into the room to start their match off and the rugged duo ro-sham-bo to see who fights first. The Machine gets excited as Jessica strips from her gi and the battle is kicked off with a test of strength. A belly kick staggers Jessica to the wall, then she’s trapped in a sleeperhold. Jessica goes down to the mats in a comatose heap giving the Machine the greenlight for a pin attempt resulting in a near fall. The Machine lifts Jessica for more choking action in the form of a frontal headlock, but Jessica works her way out with belly punches. A following stunner sprawls the Machine out on the mats and Jessica goes for a leg hook pin only to come up short. The machine erupts, manhandling Jessica into a tombstone piledriver that nearly spells the end for Jessica. The Machine goes for his leg hook pin only for Tiny to grow impatient, break up the hold, and drop the Machine with a stunner so his turn can take precedence

Tiny lunges at Jessica, but the feisty femme fatale is too agile for him to catch. Instead he offers a few free shots at himself that he easily endures, then turns Jessica’s kick attempt into a tombstone piledriver KO. Jessica’s hoisted up by the hair and flipped into a powerbomb that splats her into a knockout. A menacing throat lift picks Jessica up off the mats and Tiny executes his signature Tiny special leaving her eyes rolling around in lala land. Tiny isn’t finished yet though as he picks Jessica up for more punishment and drops her with a convulsion-inducing heart punch. A second punch takes her out while stopping the spasms and he opts for humiliation by removing Jessica’s top.

As he revels in premature victory, Jessica awakens and catches him with a sneaky low blow. A DDT drills Tiny into the mats and in a blind fury Jessica grabs the enervated Machine, bringing him into the fray. Jessica shows her true power by simultaneously locking a sleeperhold on the Machine and a headscissor on Tiny, taking them out with ease. The boys are thrown into a body pile and Jessica sets her sights back on the lady challengers. Since they refused to cheer on Jessica they’re rewarded with a pair of sleeperholds that squeeze them into siestas. All four of her opposers end up in a body pile and Jessica performs a hard stomp, crushing all of them beneath her foot before one more daring action. The poor camera person gets served as well as Jessica delivers a KO punch to them to bring the match to an end.

Reversal arm flip throw
Fist crush
Pressure point sole squeeze KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Rear figure-four headscissor KO
Triangle choke KO
Standing  headscissor KO
Rear bearhug
Test of strength
Belly kick
Sleeperhold KO
10-count single leg hook pin attempts
Front headlock
Stunner KOs
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Powerbomb KO
Throat lift
Tiny special KO
Heart punch KOs
Bra strip
Low blow
Dual sleeperhold & figure-four headscissor KOs
Dual sleeperhold KO
Camera person KO
Body pile
Derri “air” KO pose
Eye rolling
Victory poses
Limb checks


Length: 31 min
Price: 30.99