(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Professionals conquer the body, champions conquer the mind… a mantra of excellence and glory, personified perfectly by the gorgeous Jacquelyn Velvets. Who, as we fade in, we see working on her craft, punching diligently, perfecting her form in order to stay atop the skw universe. A scowl painted on her face as she envisions knocking out another challenger with each punch. She enjoys watching their unconscious eyes roll to the back of their head and notching yet another victory. She is prepared for any and all challengers, however, today she is faced with a new one. Today her challenger is… us.

Brandishing our boxing gloves in plain sight, we slowly make our way around the corner and creep up to the stunning combatant. Jacquelyn turns and dismisses us with an arrogant scoff and smirk that falls just short of laughter; she has fought tougher challengers; she has beaten tougher challengers. Jacquelyn jumps at the opportunity to put us in our place and comes out peppering, setting up for a much larger onslaught. We can see her talents are far superior to ours. However, we have a secret weapon… metal in our boxing gloves. And Jacquelyn soon finds out, metal always overcomes talent.

All it takes for that lesson to begin is a few punches to the face and the beautiful boxer starts to teeter woozily, losing her footing, groggily stumbling in and out of consciousness. Strenuously fighting to stay on her feet, Jacquelyn is not able to recover in time to stop a ferocious uppercut that sends her tumbling to the ground. The COUNTDOWN begins… the gorgeous wrestler’s head spins, the whites of her eyes roll over, as the proverbial stars begin to swirl. It is pure strength of will that drives Jacquelyn to push herself off the ground before the countdown ends. She proves she is not going down without a fight… and well… she gets one.

Arrogance still steaming with every breath, Jacquelyn’s fate turns sour quickly as she isn’t able to finish her taunts before receiving a rapid fire of strong punches to the face that send her to dreamland. The COUNTDOWN BEGINS AGAIN as we watch her stave off the lingering sting of a knockout blow, taking just a bit more time, however, to get back to her feet. Unfortunately, being on her feet puts Jacquelyn right back into the firing line. As we quickly move, not letting up one bit, unloading more thunderous punches to her increasingly fragile jaw, never allowing the beautiful combatant any realistic opportunity to get back in the fight. Every punch pushes her head back, revealing her neck, cornering her against the wall, her face thrown side to side with each strike. She crumbles limp to the ground as her body sprawls to the mats below. We know we are winning the fight, and are enjoying it much more than Jacquelyn is, but she does not give up regardless of how grim the circumstances appear to be. She continues to muster the energy to push herself up after every knockout and face us. Appearing to be in a perpetually dazed state, she raises her hands and wants to continue the fight.

The cycle of knockouts continues as we pummel our unfortunate opponent with a steady barrage of punches. Every time she gets back up, we jump in so quickly that she never has an opportunity to counter or block. The beautiful whites of her eyes flutter and become quite familiar to us in this video, as Jacquelyn pays the price for not giving in. The toll of going in and out of consciousness is fierce, as every time she is knocked down, it takes her just a little bit longer to scrape herself off the mats and get back into position. Only to tumble right back to the ground unconscious.

No one doubts Jacquelyn’s courage or brave spirit as she proves willing to take a vicious beating for the sake of victory. Unfortunately, or I should say fortunately for us, victory was never in the cards as she is nothing more than a mosquito when faced with metal inlaid boxing gloves. Her limp, unconscious body falls to the ground a final time as Jacquelyn can no longer take the punishment. We stand over her gloating as the final countdown gets to ten! An all around success and wonderful experience… except for Jacquelyn.


Length: 17 min
Price: 14.99