In this POV fantasy boxing bout it’s you versus Sumiko.  Watching as she shadow-boxes, you see her from every angle before entering the mat room yourself.

She notices you and mocks you, saying that you seem “super-weak”, but as the bout begins she finds you’re hard to hit as you bob, weave and block every punch she throws at you.  An opening comes your way and a hard jab to the face makes her eyes from. She recovers, but not for long as a series of lefts pummel her jaw and face, making her stagger and reel, before a swinging hook spins her to the wall.  Woozy and unsteady she keeps coming, but isn’t able to land any of her wild haymakers, leaving herself wide open to your practiced fists to hammer her head and face until her eyes cross and she flies back onto the mat.

A ten count starts, but she’s somehow able to pull herself to her feet, taunting you weakly to come at her.  A series of gloved fist shots to the face await her as you go on the offensive, hammering her over and over, her guard dropped completely, helpless to stop the barrage.  She flounders around the mat room, legs shaky as you press the attack, her movements slowing after each brutal hit. Finally, an uppercut sends her flying onto her back and another count begins.  She’s able to get up in time, but just barely

It’s a non-stop punch-fest as you pelt her face with shot after shot, dropping her repeatedly until, finally she just lays unconscious, reeling from the bout, her lesson learned about not judging a book by its cover as you place a foot victoriously on her belly

Face Punching
Trash Talking
Eye Crossing
Eye Rolling


Length: 18 min
Price: 13.99