In this four-fall battle between Ashley Lane (aka: Madison Rayne) and Nevaeh, the seasoned pros duke it out in three different locations…with tactics that range from brutal street fighting techniques to some good old fashioned pro style scrapping, until one skilled lady stands tall over her defeated opponent!Here’s the rundown:Round one: PARKING LOT
This one’s strictly fisticuffs, folks…with both ladies taking turns landing jabs and crosses to each other’s faces.  Ashley Lane gets the lead, though…battering Nevaeh’s lovely features until a face slam into a pole and a brutal left cross to the chin knock her out COLD! 


Round two: BASEMENT
An angry Nevaeh takes an early lead, landing face punches and knees to Ashley’s gut…until a sudden sleeper hold renders Ms. Lane unconscious.  An arm check confirms the KO!



Round three: BACKSTAGE
Another back and forth fistfight erupts, this one a bit more even than the previous one.  Belly blows, face punches, and knees to the gut are handed out in copious amounts…until a sudden forced head slam to a steel chair knocks Nevaeh OUT.



Round four: RING
The final round is a brutal and back and forth affair, with tons of corner blows, shoulder rams, snap mares, and belly attacks to spare.  Ashley has a rough time at first, but slowly builds momentum…landing a brutal Russian Leg Sweep for the final KO of the day!




Length: 10 min

Price: $8.99