Jessica Nicole meets up with Nova for a Multi Fall All Knockout Match

In Round One, Nova immediately tries for bear hug, but Jessica reverses with an axe handle to the back, then throws into wall stunning her, before unleashing a flurry of belly punches that leave Nova gasping and moaning. While she’s dazed by the assault, Jessica slaps her into a sleeper hold, making her eyes flutter and mouth gape until her at last passes out, limply sinking to the mat making it easy for Jessica to pick up a win with a sitting pin, adding insult to injury with a victory pose

Round 2 starts with Jessica pulling Nova into bear-hug only to get chopped in the neck, sending her to the floor, the perfect place to get caught in a head scissors, setting Nova to gasping and crossing her eyes.  She then sits Jessica up for a planking head-scissors causing eye rolling until she fades out, easy pickings for a 3 count pin and victory pose

Round 3 ups the ante as Nova finds herself immediately Choke Slammed, leaving her stunned, then being slapped into an inverted neck scissors, making her grunt and gasp, her eye rolling until her passes out.  Jessica indulges a little limp play before going for a leg hook pin, and well-earned victory pose

Round 4 sees Nova not taking any chances and immediately goes for a double-leg take-down to set up a devastating figure 4 leg-lock.  Jessica tries to tap out, but no dice… this is a knockout match!  Nova eventually releases the hold only to prop Jessica on her knees for a series of kicks to the face, rocking Jessica’s head over and over before tying the score after a pin and victory pose over her.

In Round 5, mutual Trash talking leads to double running clotheslines, both girls hitting the mat after the collision.  Squaring off again, and another double running clothesline puts both girls flat on their backs  making for a double knockout possibility if neither can answer a 10 count, evening the score

Who will win Round 6 and take home the glory?


Hair choke out
Tongue lolling
Tombstone Pile Driver
Belly splashes
Cradle pile driver
Super Inuga
Crossed eyes
Belly punching
Sleeper Holds
Neck Scissors
Planking Neck Scissors
Choke Slam
Dazed girls
Limp play
Victory poses

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Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99