Fans of multiple knockouts and “sentry girl” scenarios will love this one! Eliza takes the brunt of most of the finishers with the exception of one final revenge KO! This clip features Tabby vs Eliza in a multi-KO/multi-scenario ninja vs sentry custom. KOs include: sleeper hold, temple attack, sleeper/neckbreaker, tranquilizer KO, double carotid pinch, neck snap, belly blow KO, double heart punch KO, face punchout, neck scissors/neckbreaker, foot necksnap, belly stomp KO, final sleeper/neckbreaker (from Eliza to Tabby).

Attire: Tabby wears a full black bodysuit/barefoot. Eliza wears yellow bikini bottoms with black sports bra/barefoot.

Length: 14 min, 19 sec

Price: $12.99