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NEVER LOSE FAITH: part one of two

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We come forward to an exchange between the legendary Christina Carter and the marvelous newcomer, Faith. Apparently Christina has been receiving emails about Faith’s booming debut and doesn’t see her as a threat… Until Faith whips out her concealed cattle prod and jams it into Christina’s stomach for a quick KO that leans her against the wall and kicks off a beatdown that rattles Christina’s world.

After a bit of admiration of her work and a win pose Faith strolls off to give Christina time to come to. She wakes from her daze, aggravated and eager to deal some payback with the cattle prod Faith left behind. However it seems to be a clever ruse as Faith ambushes Christina with a major cunt punt from the rear dropping her to her knees. A follow-up roundhouse kick sends Christina to dreamland again as Faith poses over her basking in her prowess.

A stomp disturbs Christina’s rest and it seems Christina has got the message as she’s keen on making amends, but Faith only sees it fit to drive her point further as she mounts Christina for a back-straining camel clutch. After a nice stretch Faith relinquishes the hold and drops some sharp knees to Christina’s vulnerable lower back and uses her submission knowledge to secure a bow and arrow stretch to the aching dame.

Faith pursues the begging Christina to seal a tight reverse headscissor that exerts panicked moans from her foe. A transition to a figure four headscissor puts Christina’s lights out as Faith takes great pleasure in gradually releasing the hold. Faith awakens the helpless Christina and drapes her over the knee for a backbreaker stretch. They share an enticing exchange of words as Faith revels in her infliction of pain.

Tired of the backtalk, Faith mounts Christina clutching her clasped palms over Christina’s mouth for a domineering hand smother. Christina flutters to a knockout before Faith strikes another win pose placing her sole to Christina’s unconscious face. Unfortunately for Christina the smothering action isn’t done as Faith decides to deliver a bit of mouth to crotch resuscitation back to back, front and reverse.

Christina awakens to a seated Faith who’s prepared to deal more punishment. She anemically crawls to her seated dom before she ends up tangled in a tortuous arm-grasped double foot smother that finishes her off. Faith celebrates her victory by making Christina her personal doormat as she performs various 10-count pins as her soles grace various parts of her body.

Faith brings the domination to an end as she brands Christina’s stomach with a “Faith’s Jobber” tag, a few photos snapped to savour the moment and a devious cattle prod beneath her thick figure to distribute what seems like an endless amount of shocks and convulsions to the surmounted Christina before a fade to black.

Cattle prod play
Victory poses
Tongue protrusion
Crotch kick
Face kick KO
Camel clutch
Knee drops
Bow and arrow stretch
Reverse headscissor KO
Backbreaker stretch w/ choking
Mounted double hand smother KO
Crotch smothering KO
Ass smother KO
Seated double foot smother KO
Victory pose 10-count pins
Full weight body stand 10-count pin


Length: 17 min
Price: 15.99