Two of Natasha’s FINAL battles at SKW are finally re-mastered and released for each and every one of her hardcore fans!!

Clip one: Natasha vs Malloy Martin
We fade in on both ladies as the battle begins.  Malloy strikes first with a sneaky atomic drop but the more experienced Natasha sweeps her leg and applies a brutal camel clutch that wears the lovely blonde down.  Natasha proceeds to command the rest of the match, giggling and talking trash as she destroys Malloy with a standing boston crab, a sleeper hold KO, belly attacks, wall punches to the abs, a bearhug, neckscissors KO, belly stomps, a bearhug to a full KO, a stunner KO, over the knee backbreaker with belly claw, TWO back to back “Natashscide” swinging neckbreakers, a PILEDRIVER KO, and a final pin and victory pose for the win!

Clip two: Natasha vs Anne-Marie
The two SKW veterans lock up, with Natasha locking on a perfect sleeper hold…one that Anne-Marie manages to reverse!  Natasha weakens but gets out of the sleeper, nailing a DDT on Anne and following up with belly splashes and a pin that Anne barely kicks out of.  Anne takes control with belly blows against the wall, a snap mare, and a pin attempt that Natasha counters.   Now in control, Natasha works Anne’s belly with punches and sets her up for a piledriver…but Anne sweeps her legs and strikes back with leg drops to the gut, and a head vise squeeze that finally knocks Natasha out cold! Anne goes for the pin but Natasha comes to and kicks out.  Enraged,  Natasha applies the same squeeze on Anne-Marie’s temples, slowly sending her to sleep.  Determined to end this, Natasha drops Anne with a brutal NATASHACIDE neckbreaker, followed by a regular PILEDRIVER KO and a follow up TOMBSTONE KO for the pin, victory pose, and WIN!



Length: 19 min

Price: 15.99