This short and sweet battle features the lovely Natasha vs Candy Lane in a contest that features NHB rules and pin count points for the win!   Anything else goes, and the match starts off with a sudden stomp and pedigree from Natasha that sends Candy crashing to the mats, out cold and prone to Natasha’s 1st pin.  Natasha wakes Candy up and sends several belly blows her way, softening her up with a sudden set of atomic drops and a DDT!  Candy manages to kick out, however, and after a suprise blow to Natasha’s belly, takes control by trapping the SKW newbie in a sudden backbreaker!

Candy continues her attack, nailing her 1st point after using a piledriver to knock her opponent out!  Several belly blows later and Natasha takes a DDT, stunning her as Candy goes for a second piledriver!  Natasha fights it, however, forcing Candy to turn it into a modified neckscissors…one that Natasha fights by literally biting her way out!

As a suddenly pain-stricken Candy finds herself caught in Natasha’s very own over the knee backbreaker.  After kicking out of a pin, Candy is brutally tossed into the wall, but as she goes for a reversal, Natasha steps out of the way, leading a sudden wall head smash as Candy goes for a splash!  Natasha, tired of this back and forth, finally ends it with a brutal piledriver that KO’s the lovely Candy, leaving her open for a final pin fall point!

Your winner:  Natasha!


Length: 7 min

Price: $5.99