It’s everyone’s favorite kind of battle…with the first lady to hit a full 10 count pin to be declared as the winner…but this time we have a brand new girl in town! MUTINY(making her PPV debut!) and HELENA square off in this no-holds-barred match-up, starting with a fingerlock test of strength that Helena quickly succumbs to. Not one to lose so easily, Helena digs into Mutiny’s belly with a knee and proceeds to work the French-Canadian beauty over the way only she knows how! Belly stomps, knees, and claws pummel Mutiny’s midsection as Helena playfully yells: “Welcome to America!” A boston crab leads to a sudden reversal from Mutiny, but Helena literally knees her way out of it (with said knee landing across Mutiny’s face). A sudden bodyscissors comes next, putting the newcomer to the test as it quickly dissolved to further belly blows and a sudden DDT KO that almost lands the 10 count! After Mutiny kicks out Helena really lets hr rage fly, slamming Mutiny into the wall and working her gut over with multiple strikes, blows, and kicks. A camel clutch comes next, and Helena goes on to supposedly finish it all with a KO piledriver. When Mutiny manages to somehow kick out of that, however, a surprised Helena lets her guard down…a mistake that leads to Mutiny applying her own boston crab! Helena quickly finds herself trapped between Mutiny’s thighs, squeezed in a massive body scissors as her opponent repeatedly taunts and teases her in her native French dialect. Several amazing neckscissors follow, ending in a figure four neckscissors that puts Helena out slowly…even as Mutiny tests her KO by slamming a fist into her stomach. Mutiny goes for her own pin, almost hitting the 10 count before Helena magically kicks out! Mutiny, still in control, follows up with a leg nelson that eventually leads to a long-held sleeper hold that slowly wears Helena down. Just as it seems she’s nearing a KO, however, Helena traps Mutiny’s chin above her own head and drops for a sudden head-cracker that instantly KO’s the foreigner! Helena, devastated and nearly unconcious, crawls over to the sleeping blonde and passes out over her, belly to belly…as SK starts the count! This is one HELL of a debut for Mutiny…and one hell of a match for one of your SKW favorites!

Length: 10 min, 17 sec

Price: $8.99