(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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In the center of the mats stand the bubbly Reagan and voluptuous newcomer, Liz River as we enter a no DQ, best of 3 falls match. After SK hits the countdown, the ladies size each other up before engaging in a test of strength. Reagan shoves Liz into the wall and rips into her with a twisting belly claw. Liz counters with a dirty foot stomp to Reagan that sends her to her knees. Liz follows up by forcing Reagan’s face into her lush belly and sapping away her energy. As Reagan goes limp, Liz shoves her to the mats resulting in a near asphyxiation and drained moans. The weakened Reagan is then shrouded in darkness once more as Liz performs a reverse facesit that pins her down. Reagan’s faint struggles result in her being sprawled out, then Liz takes advantage by performing a reverse mount pin while using her feet to toy with Reagan’s face.

Reagan discovers her second wind as she forces Liz off of her and leaps to employ her own offense. Liz ends up snared in a rear headscissor and the fierce grappling leads to her wardrobe malfunction. Reagan adds insult to injury by applying another belly claw aside the throat squeeze and Liz has no chance of withstanding the double submission as she passes out. Reagan then returns the favor of a 10-count reverse mounted pin and uses her feet to toy with Liz’s face. Reagan plants a foot into Liz’s stomach and flexes for the cameras as she scores the first fall of the match.

Liz recovers with a pained expression and has her sights set on revenge as she undermines the count to slug Reagan and sends her stumbling into the wall. Liz pounds into Reagan’s belly with thrusting fists that seemingly do damage, but Reagan begins to laugh off her foe’s efforts. Reagan sends a belly punch to Liz that makes her stagger backward and collapse to her knees. Liz is taken up by the legs and Reagan stomps deeply into her stomach and groin, grinding her foot to inflict the most pain possible. Reagan shifts around to Liz’s head and buries her foot into her face, setting the tone as to who’s boss. Liz is flipped onto her stomach and Reagan continues grinding by smushing her foot into her neck. Liz convulses from the tormenting submission and her rolling eyes precede the KO as she faints. Reagan takes advantage of Liz’s nympho nature by executing a reverse schoolgirl pin, hooking her leg, then rubbing savagely at her groin and distracting her with an inbound orgasm as the count takes place. Reagan is granted another fall and plants her foot into Liz’s midriff for a second victory pose.

At the beginning of the next round Liz is completely out of it as she stands groggy. Reagan lands a clean face punt that splats Liz against the wall. Reagan clears the gap with an acrobatic cartwheel into a wall splash that lowers Liz to the mats. With Liz out of her senses, Reagan approaches with a stinkface and gyrates rapidly to rub it in. Reagan brings her to a stand, gripping her by the jaw in heel fashion and Liz pleads to be put away. Reagan fulfills the wish with a sleeperhold and teases with a bit of fondling. Liz is put down with ease, then Reagan goes to plant her foot on her face, but Liz is so entranced in lust that she begins sucking Reagan’s big toe like a lollipop. Reagan finishes the deed by clamping on another sleeperhold that secures the KO, then pins Liz down by her mouth and groin for a 10-count. Reagan stomps into Liz for more win poses as she gains the final fall. With Liz still entrenched in her salacious state she rubs her lady parts to fulfill her desires as we fade to black.

Ray, [8/27/2023 8:30 PM]
Test of strength
Belly claw
Foot stomp
Belly smother KO
Reverse facesitting KO
10-count reverse mount pins w/ feet on face
Rear headscissor w/ belly claw KO
Victory poses
Face punch
Belly punching
Grinding groin stomps
Grinding belly stomps
Foot grind to face
Foot grind to neck KO
10-count reverse schoolgirl pin w/ leg hook & stroking
Face kick
Cartwheel back splash
Sleeperhold KO
Toe sucking
Seated sleeperhold KO
10-count hand-to-mouth & groin pin
Nip slips
Instant replay


Length: 15 min
Price: 14.99