(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


We fade in on SKW veteran Layla and her little sister Monroe (making her SKW PPV DEBUT!) stretching on the mats.  Layla suggests a training session to prepare her sister for her first ever match against Anne-Marie.  Monroe happily agrees, only to find herself at her sister’s mercy as she proceeds to “demonstrate” several holds on her!  Layla repeatedly puts Monroe out via sleeper hold, belly splashes, post KO splashes, pins, bearhug, piledriver, and a brutal tombstone piledriver that leaves little Monroe out cold and convulsing on the mats.  Layla goes for more but an angry Monroe slams her fist into Layla’s stomach and puts her big sis out with an extended sleeper hold.  She wakes Layla up, who’s surprisingly proud of Monroe’s attack.

“That’s the kind of skill you need to beat Anne-Marie”, she states…making her way to her feet, just as Anne-Marie runs in and clobbers BOTH ladies from behind!

“You were supposed to be my best friend!”  Anne yells as she lays Layla’s sister out with a brutal DDT!  She grabs the SKW belt and KOs Layla with it, causing her to fall flat on top of her own unconscious sibling!  Anne poses over both KO’ed wrestlers as we slowly fade to a few hours later, where a determined Monroe faces off against her attacker in a one on one pro battle!

Monroe expertly ducks Anne-Marie’s opening clothesline and delivers one of her own!  She traps the SKW veteran in a brutal sleeper hold that knocks Anne out but she can’t quite get the full pin.  Monroe goes on the offensive, working Anne’s belly against the wall and knocks her out again (into a derri-“air” KO pose) with a standing boot choke!  Monroe goes for another pin but Anne kicks out.  Determined, Monroe uses every trick she’s learned, including some more belly attacks and a brutal SUPER STUNNER that leaves Anne out once again!

As she picks Anne up, the pro unleashes a barrage of belly blows that stun Monroe, leaving her open for a sleeper hold that saps her strength as Anne regains her own!   Monroe is OUT, leaving Anne-Marie free to take her apart!  Anne destroys the young rookie via a piledriver KO and a tombstone that leaves Monroe convulsing on the mats.  Anne isn’t done, though…and grabs a rope from her boot, using it on the rookie and choking he rout…relishing the drool and tongue protrusion that ensues.  She goes for the pin, but a black boot suddenly lands on her back!   It’s big sister LAYLA!  She grabs Anne and demolishes her with a TOMBSTONE KO and drapes her sister across her for the 10 count pin.

Monroe awakens…dazed and confused…and then angry when she realizes her sister cheated for her win.  She wanted to do it clean, but Layla’s interruption prevented that.  She rages against her older sister, nd the two get into a screaming match.  Monroe shoves Layla, who in turn TOMBSTONES her own sister into the mats!!!   Anne starts to come to so Layla decides to end things with a flourish.  She splashes BOTH girls against the wall, leading to a forced headbutt to Monroe’s gut as Anne falls on top of her.  Layla piles the girls up and delivers a JUMPING splash that destroys the two wrestlers, going on to count them out with some added elbow drops for humiliation’s sake!   Satisfied, Layla leaves…and we pan over the girls as they come to.  They groggily help each other up and Monroe decides it’s time for a truce.  Anne-Marie agrees and the two shake hands, deciding to become a tag team whose only mission is to TAKE LAYLA DOWN!!!


Length: 35 min

Price: 22.99