(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A sparring session between SK and Monroe is set off in the mat room and the two get right to the action. Monroe kick’s reversed into a takedown. She gets up to throw another punch that’s parried and penalized with a number of belly blows and an uppercut that splats her against the wall. The belly punishment continues as he braces her neck and tears into her some more. Deep punches, quick strikes, and kicks wreak havoc on Monroe’s abs sending her further into a daze and SK tops it off with a thrusting belly kick resulting in a spit take and knockout. Monroe lies mildly twitchy with a deadpan stare and is left to recover for the next round.

Monroe finds success in the coming round as she’s able to successfully slip and counter SK’s attacks. Forcing him against the wall, she pursues with knees to the face and a repayment of assorted belly strikes. She rips his belt away to expose the midsection and continues with an endless myriad of strikes. A running knee to the ribs drops SK to the mats and she rocks him with a pair of roundhouse kicks. A foot choke pressures the drool out of him and she executes a neck snap to finish him for the round. A belly stomp adds insult to injury and she strikes a victory pose.

The momentum shifts back to SK as he reverses her punch into a sleeperhold. Monroe manages to battle her way out with elbows to his abs, then wears him down with fancy footwork and more knees to the midsection. Knees to the face stagger him further, then she locks in a standing headscissor with the popliteal of her leg choking him to sleep. A knee drop to the neck precedes her tying him up with a reverse triangle choke that puts him out with little resistance. Monroe then taunts the knocked SK with stepover stomps before taking her rest for the next round.

Thuds and grunts mark the beginning of the next round as Monroe pounds SK into putty. A standing foot choke damn near takes him out, but she shows mercy by releasing the hold and going back to belly punishment. An arm flip throw takes him down to the mats and Monroe follows up with a side headscissor paired with an arm lock. Insult to injury is added with belly punches mid-submission. Monroe twists the submission to an upward variant for more leverage and lands a neck snap after wearing him down far enough. A hard belly stomp gets a spit take from her opponent, then she stands on top while flexing for a win pose.

Alternate ending

SK manages to fight his way out of the popliteal choke by elbowing her in the groin. He goes back to the belly strikes. Monroe hits the mats in exhaustion and he twists her into a hard dragon sleeper, opening her abs up for pounding blows. Monroe is blasted beyond being choked out and he positions her in the center. Rough stepover stomps slightly wake Monroe and a jumping belly punch nearly takes her out again. He hoists her up and slams her over the knee for a backbreaker and targets the exposed belly again with punches, ax handles, and claws. The sprawled Monroe is pounced on with a knee to the throat and more midsection strikes. With enough damage done she passes out and is dragged from the scene.

Monroe ends up bound with her hands over her head in an undisclosed location and victim to SK’s torture. Continuous belly punches and face punches weaken her further before a knee to the stomach rewards KO and spit take making SK the victor of this brawl.

Kick reversal
Belly punching
Excess assorted belly strikes
Belly kick KO w/ drooling
Punch reversal
Knees to face
Assorted face kicks
Seated foot choke KO w/ drooling
Foot choke neck snap KO
Elbows to midsection
Standing popliteal choke KO
Knee to throat
Rear triangle choke KO
Corpse standing win poses
Stepover foot presses
Standing foot choke KO
Arm flip throw
Side headscissor w/ belly punching KO
Elbows to groin
Dragon sleeper w/ belly punching KO
Backbreaker w/ belly strikes KO
Knee to throat w/ belly punches
Double-fisted belly punches
Hands bound
Knee to stomach w/ spit take KO
Victory pose
Limp play
Eye check
Audio-only sequences
Separate endings


Length: 30 min
Price: 28.99