(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Monroe confidently scouts the perimeter of her next big lick, anticipating what targets and loot await her arrival. She calmly makes her way to the entrance, checking for any security before picking the lock and sliding her way in. Surprised by all the riches inside, Monroe seeks a hiding place as she catches the SK and Emma Ray arriving from the front. Her ambush is successful as she takes SK down with a knee to the groin and face smash into the wall. Emma sees similar treatment with a knee to the groin and uppercut KO.

Monroe gets cocky, hoisting SK up and pressing him against the wall. She tells him what’s coming next as she gives him a sassy lick. An ass kicking and pillaging is inbound as Emma recovers from behind, then SK recovers with a offensive burst of a knee to Monroe’s groin and a right hook. Monroe gets spun in a whirlwind by right hooks from SK and Emma. SK delivers a kiss to the forward that’s followed by a right hook that drops Monroe to the floor. Emma and SK embrace in relief then get back to punishing Monroe.

Monroe’s groin is punished with a knee from the front and a punt from the rear and SK holds her up while Emma grabs a home defense weapon. A taser is then pressed to Monroe’s back by Emma, forcing Monroe to spit up from the shocking strike. Monroe stands dazed and drooling as the duo plot what’s next and Monroe is held to endure another taser press to the belly for another enervated spit take. They toy with the fatigued Monroe for a bit, then continue thumping her with a front headlock and cunt punts from the rear. The regurgitation and drool pours as Monroe takes a beating. She’s finished with a final cunt punt from Emma and a right hook from SK that drape her over the couch. They formulate a plan as Monroe is dangling and senseless, then depart to enact it.

Monroe regains consciousness and makes her way through the house for an exit. As soon as she grips the doorknob she’s lit with thousands of volts, emitting even more drool from her and heavy convulsions. Monroe sprawls out on the floor in utter defeat and the couple comes in to see their handiwork. To ensure she’s down for count, Emma retrieves the taser and sticks it to Monroe again, leaving her to helplessly convulse on the tile as the lovers head out for a nice supper.

Knees to the groin
Face to wall KO
Uppercut KO
Abundant right hook punches KO
Front headlock
Cunt punts
Light spanking
Taser attacks w/ spit takes
Electric door knob KO
Taser finish w/ spit take
Eye rolling


Length: 11 min
Price: 10.99