(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Anne Marie and Lucky O’shea stand back to back in their special “Money in The Bank” stipulation match where each fall contributes greatly to their possible outcome should they overtake the other. 10-count pins and submissions are the name of the game and they initiate the match with a test of strengths. Knees to the belly give Anne the upper hand as she shoves Lucky to the wall for belly punches. Snapmares send Lucky tumbling about the mats and Anne follows up with a liontamer submission. Lucky holds strong and it pays off as Anne releases the hold before releasing. Anne lifts Lucky for more and turns the table with an eye rake into a DDT combination. Lucky goes for a single leg hook pin, but Anne kicks before the fall.

Lucky’s offense continues with an arching camel clutch alongside a pair of fish hooks. Lucky’s heelish nature comes out with a ground stomp paired with pulling of Anne’s legs. Lucky brings Anne to her feet and doubles her over with a belly punch, then transitions into an eat defeet KO. The series of special moves drops Anne to the mats and scores Lucky a 10-count single leg hook pin as well as a victory pose.

In the next round the girls enter a test of strength and Anne gets the better of Lucky by forcing her onto her knees and slamming her into the mats face first. A downed Lucky withstands a surfboard hold from Anne, then is brought to her knees for another one. Anne’s submissions continue with a backbreaker and straight jacket choke combo. Anne repays the camel clutch to Lucky as well as the taunting fish hooks. Stomps and leg drops leave Lucky arching in pain before Anne applies a half bow and arrow stretch to Lucky. More stomps flatten Lucky to the mats, then Anne applies a backbreaker with belly claw submission, which finally gets her to submit and gets Anne on the board.

Their next round begins with another test of strength and Lucky breaks it up with a toe kick. Lucky shows her strength by handling Anne with a snap DDT, swinging neckbreaker, reverse DDT, and fisherman’s neckbreaker before opting for an arm stretching submission. Lucky stands on Anne’s hair and pulls her upwards for a mean submission and gets a few stomps in for good measure. A frontal figure-four headscissor cranks on Anne’s neck and Lucky keeps the focus there with a swinging neckbreaker. Stomps agitate Anne from the mats and Lucky puts her back down with a myriad of x-factor KOs. It looks like Anne has had enough, but Lucky’s 10-count pin fails to score. A reverse figure-four headscissor enshrouds Anne and that was the ingredient needed to get Lucky her next fall as well as victory pose.

Lucky keeps the lead by sweeping Anne with a leg takedown, then applying a crushing boston crab of her own. The stretches proceed with a scorpion crosslock to Anne, then she focuses on the back with a few strikes. Anne withstands a chinlock with a foot to her back and some sitting splashes from Lucky. Lucky inflicts more pain with a straight jacket choke paired with a backbreaker and bodyscissor. Anne’s slowly bent into a backbreaker and Lucky grinds her elbow into her midsection. Anne manages to battle out of Lucky’s onslaught with a low blow and a groin claw renders Lucky defenseless as she concedes against the wall. Anne digs the groin claw deeper and winds Anne with belly punches. An x-factor knocks Lucky out and Anne follows up with a reverse STF submission, which eventually gets lucky to tap.

The ladies grapple and Anne lands knees to the belly into a standing guillotine choke. Lucky is siphoned until the twosome hits the mats and Anne transitions into a frontal bodyscissor. Anne refocuses with a rear chinlock with elbow grinding combo, then goes into a rear figure-four headscissor. With the hold applied, Anne slams down multiple times to nearly KO Lucky, then moves onto a double nerve pinch. Anne’s leverage grants her a standing headcissor, then she falls forward to land some face fucker slams to take Lucky out. Anne keeps position for her 10-count pin and scores another fall over her foe.

Anne’s momentum proceeds in the next round as she counters Lucky’s swing with a low blow, then drops her with a superkick. Anne tries for an early pin, but Lucky isn’t having it. Anne then lands a pedigree KO that manages to get the job done as her next 10-count pin is successful.

The pendulum swings back in Lucky’s favor as she lurches Anne forward with knee to the stomach and snapmare. A sleeperhold gets Anne furiously floundering, but the squeeze does its job turning Anne into a limp heap. SK assists her with the limb check and Lucky scores a deep 10-count mounting matchbook pin from the front. Lucky decides to cash in and nails Anne with another X-factor KO before trying for another leg hook pin. Anne kicks at seven and Lucky keeps the lead by nailing a DDT KO. Lucky goes for a double leg hook pin and Anne finds it within to kick out once again. Lucky takes it to Anne with a blow to the face, snapmare, and low dropkick to the face sequence, but it’s not enough as Anne kicks again. Anne finds the energy to neutralize Lucky with belly strikes and chokes her out with a dragon sleeper, then drops her with a reverse DDT. Anne’s second wind was strong enough to grant her the final fall over Lucky and the cash out as the “Money in The Bank” match winner.

Various belly strikes
High-angle Boston Crab
Eye rake
10-count single leg hook pins
Camel clutches w/ fish hooks
Groin stomp hold
Eat defeet KO
Test of strength
Surfboard holds
Strait-jacket backbreaker
Leg drops
Half-bow and arrow
Backbreaker w/ belly claw submission
Snap DDT
Swinging neckbreakers
Reverse DDT
Fisherman’s neckbreaker
Arm stretch
Hair-standing hair pull
Frontal figure-four headscissor
X-factor KOs
Reverse figure-four headscissor KO
Reverse- figure-four headscissor pin
Leg takedown
Scorpion crosslock
STF w/ arm hook
Elbow drops
Chin lock
Back splashes
Rear chinlock
Sitting back splashes
Straight jacket choke + backbreaker
Straight jacket choke + bodyscissor
Backbreaker w/ elbow grind
Low blows
Groin claw
Reverse STF submission
Standing guillotine choke
Grounded guillotine choke
Frontal bodyscissor
Rear chinlock w/ elbow grind
Rear figure-four headscissor
Shoulder claws
Standing headscissor
Face fuckers KO
Superkick KO
Pedigree KO
Seated sleeperhold KO
10-count mounted matchbook pin
10-count double leg hook pin
Flying snapmares
Low dropkick
Dragon sleeper KO
Reverse DDT KO
10-count 2-handed press pin
Victory poses
Limb checks


Length: 40 min
Price: 38.99