(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


In this recently discovered instant classic (thought to be lost for years!!), Addie has decided to challenge Sleeperkid to a match, figuring his being a little under the weather might give her the advantage.  They lock up for a quick moment before Sleeperkid pulls Addie into a Side Head Lock, but a few quick elbows to the ribs breaks the hold, giving Addie the chance to lay some boots to Sleeperkid’s back and side before she yanks him into a sitting Neck Scissors. Sleeperkid grunts and groans as Addie cinches the hold in, making his face redden as he struggles for breath, before she inverts the hold, wrapping it Figure Four style around his neck.  If congestion was an issue before the match, it’s certainly a problem now.  Addie switches to a Body Scissors, making it impossible for Sleeperkid to breathe, giggling as Sleeperkid struggles and groans.  Almost out, the adorable Addie then pulls the kid into a Sleeper Hold, and even an attempt at hair pulling doesn’t break her hold… Sleeperkid slowly fades out until he’s lying prone on the mat. Addie goes for a ten-count pin but Sleeperkid manages to kick out, unloading a few fists into Addie’s exposed belly.  He straddles her, using his body weight to slam her belly over and over before delivering a series of brutal Belly Punches, then a flagrant Choke Hold that leaves Addie’s eye rolling.  She struggles and writhes as he pulls her up into a seated Bear Hug, moaning as she struggles for breath, then flails helplessly as he applies the dreaded Sleeper Hold.  Slowly Addie fades out, her eyes fluttering and crossing until she’s finally unconscious.  The kid goes for his own pin but breaks the count himself so he can pick Addie apart piece by piece. Starting with the back, he pulls her into an excruciating Boston Crab, making her flail and struggle, her whimpering having little effect on Sleeperkid’s intentions, before her stomps her back, softening her up for a Camel Clutch that has her both rolling and bugging her eyes with pain.  Addie refuses to submit so Sleeperkid turns the hold into a Sleeper until Addie’s eyes finally flutter shut.  Will Addie be able to regain the advantage, or is Sleeperkid too dominating for even a cold to keep down?

Mixed Wrestling
Eye Rolling
Neck Scissors
Sleeper Holds
Crossed Eyes
Knock Outs
Camel Clutch
Boston Crab
Belly Punching
Leg Drops
Back Breakers
Belly Claw
Torture Rack
Giving Up
Triangle Choke Hold
Spanish Press
Knee Drops
Knee Lifts
Snap Mares
Body Splashes
Multiple Pins
Figure Four
Tap Outs
Male Dom
Limp Play
Thigh Claw
Nerve Hold
Face Punching
Stone Cold Stunners
Bear Hugs
Single Nelson Sleeper
Pile Drivers
Tombstone Pile Drivers
Multiple Knockouts
Skull Crusher
Double Karate Chops
Winner: Sleeperkid


Length: 37 min

Price: 24.99