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You guys went NUTS over the trailer for this amazing and epic sequel to MERCY KILLING so we put a rush on getting out to you…and boy, we can safely PROMISE that you’re gonna love it!EVENTS IN THIS FILM TAKE PLACE THREE YEARS BEFORE THOSE IN “MERCY KILLING”:

After a quick re-cap of the events that transpired in part one, we fade in to a lovely assassin (played by Sumiko) who’s aware that she’s been targeted by two of her rival agency’s top agents (Jacquelyn Velvets reprising her role as Mercy, and Sinn Sage as her partner).  She plans a trap that leads to THREE amazing battles.  Fight # 1 pits Sumiko against Sinn, the second against Jacquelyn, and the third against both in a 2 on 1 fight that SKW’s gonna have to work VERY HARD to top!

There’s almost too much action to even describe here, folks…and if you’re not a fan of spoilers, we suggest you stop reading this and just enjoy the damn thing.  All others: continue below…


Each fight is jam-packed with punches, kicks, lefts, rights, uppercuts, belly attacks, fast-paced choreography, eyerolling KOs, and a LOT more…as Sumiko BARELY defeats both ladies in one-on-one contests (she wins by KO).  Fight # 1 features a brutal multi-punch body attack…followed by a jumping fists to the face that KO’s Sinn.  Fight # 2 is more even, but Sumiko takes the advantage and puts agent Mercy out with a tight triangle choke out.

Fight # 3 finds both Sinn and Mercy out cold in Sumiko’s bedroom.  Sumiko threatens to take them out with a revolver but decides to challenge herself with a handicap battle, leading to tons of amazing moves, strikes, 2 on 1 attacks, and more…until Sinn and Mercy trap her in a back and forth punch fest.  A dazed Sumiko faces Mercy’s interrogation and reveals that she’s been working with someone from Mercy’s agency all along.  Before she can reveal the traitor’s name, however, an overzealous Sinn Sage snaps Sumiko’s neck!  Mercy loses her cool, checking Sumiko’s vitals and scolding Sinn, all while her partner sneaks up and traps her in a sleeper hold!  Sinn confesses to betraying the agency to the tune of a few million dollars before Mercy slides into a deep KO.  A grinning Sinn calls her boss and delivers a laundry list of lies before grabbing Sumiko’s revolver and aiming it at Mercy’s chest.  We hear a single gun shot and everything goes black.

…then we hear a voice.  A male agent reporting Sumiko and Mercy found dead at the scene.  His voice catches as we hear him gasp.  Mercy has a heartbeat.  It’s faint…but it’s there.

We cut to Mercy unconscious in an emergency room, the monitors showing her barely alive as the credits roll.

Turns out this story isn’t over.

(outtakes included)


Length: 39 min

Price: $18.99