Agent Mercy is back…and this time she’s been captured by a rival agency and left under the watchful eye of a cloned sentry (played expertly by Miranda).  After coming to and realizing her situation, Mercy pleads with the clone to get her a glass of water.  The clone finally agrees, but when she returns Mercy’s gone.  The clone panics but is soon silenced when Mercy traps her in a deadly sleeper hold KO!  She releases the sleeping clone, hogties her, and cleave-gags her for stealth’s sake.

What follows is security camera footage (go with me on that one, folks) of Mercy traveling from block to block…room to room, and dispatching a large group of Miranda clones…until the final victim gives her the key to escape!!!


sneak attacks
mouth cover
kidney jab
MULTIPLE neck snap finishers
butt in the air KOs
karate chop KO
dragon sleeper KO
HOM KO (hand over mouth smother)
dead falls
leg sweep
figure four neckscissors necksnap combo
tongue protrusion
limb checks
neck pinch KO
dragon sleeper/neck snap
throat chop
handcuff bondage
final ground choke
(alternate takes)


Length: 19 min

Price: 16.99