A CLASSIC PRO BATTLE between two amazing fighters!!!

Malloy Martin and Ashley Graham take each other on in a multi fall KOs/pins battle, and here’s the breakdown!!

(each round ends with a pin and/victory pose unless otherwise specified)

Round one:  the girls lock up but Ashley dominates with belly punches, a snap mare, and a tight sleeper that puts Malloy OUT!

Round three: Malloy dominates with a slow and powerful bearhug KO, followed by a massive splash to make sure!

Round three: Ashley strikes with a clothesline, followed by several splashes, a neck scissors, and a figure four neck scissors KO for the win!

Round four: Ashley slams a fist into Malloy’s gut and tosses her against the wall but Malloy reverses it.  Ashley hits the wall, winded and Malloy moves in.  She attacks several wall splashes, sending Ashley to the mats, out cold.   Not done, Malloy lands several belly to BACK splashes that put Ashley down and out!

Round five: Malloy goes for another wall splash but misses.  Ashley attacks with a standing foot choke and a brutal X-FACTOR KO for the pin!

Round six: the girls request a special ROPE round…with their hands tied to each other.  Ashley pulls Malloy’s belly into her fist and locks a choke on but Malloy elbows her way out of it.  She takes the rope and wraps it around Ashley’s throat, choking her until she’s out!

Round seven: …bonus chloroform round.  The girls grapple and Malloy traps Ashley in a tight body scissors, wearing her down…but Ashley manages to press the cloth onto Malloy’s face, forcing her to inhale fumes until she slowly passes out.  Weakened, however, Ashely collapses on top of Malloy…forcing SK to count them both out for a double KO.   This leads to our…

…FINAL ROUND: Ashley attacks with a piggy back sleeper hold but Malloy slams her into the wall, taking the fight out of her.  Pissed off, Malloy decides to end it with a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, a follow up belly stomp, and a SECOND TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO for the final pin…and win!

Length: 15 min

Price: 11.99