(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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SKW is on the West Coast and tough veteran Devon has challenged bootylicious Sinn Sage to a match.  Swearing to never be defeated on the West Coast, Sinn has accepted, with the match stipulations mirroring a match loss for Sinn to Jackson.  Submission match where ONLY a Figure Four Leglock can count for a submission.  After engaging in some bi-coastal trash talking, the two combatants circle each other until Sinn launches her attack, punching Devon in the belly and quickly wrapping her into a snap mare take down.  But Devon is up like a shot and fires her own fist into Sinn’s belly, then flips her with her own snap mare.  The Bikinied Brawlers seem evenly matched!  Sinn recovers quickly, firing a fist into Devon’s face and using the sunned stagger backwards to catch her into a stunning suplex.  Once again, Devon pops up quickly, catching Sinn in the jaw with her own punch, and retorts with her own suplex, stunning Sinn.  But Sinn isn’t close to finished yet, and staggers at Devon, firing a forearm into her jaw, then wrapping her head, spinning and dropping to deliver a devastating spinning neckbreaker.  Devon staggers back to her feet, catching Sinn in the belly with another punch, and returns the favour, dropping Sinn to the mat with her own neckbreaker.  With the scores tied up, they circle each other warily, then Sinn lunges forward, catching Devon and hauling her up to deliver a powerful bodyslam.  Devon isn’t down on the mat long, though, and rushes Sinn as she gets to her feet, answering her back once again, driving Sinn into the ground with her own bodyslam.  The frustration builds as Sinn gets to her feet, rushing Devon with a belly punch, then grabbing her head, dropping down to deliver a scintillating stunner.  This time, Devon lays sprawled on the mat, so Sinn takes the opportunity to fire a quick kick to her inner thigh before grabbing her ankles and yanking them in a forced leg-spreader. Devon can only cry out in pain as Sinn attacks her inner thighs with kicks, spreaders and leg drops to the tender tendons.  An inner thigh claw has Devon screaming, and kicks and punches to her inner thighs are softening her legs up. A brutal elbow to the belly, and then Sinn steps in to wrap Devon up in a Figure Four leg lock.  Devon counters, kicking Sinn away but before she can get to her feet, Sinn pops back up and fires a kick deep into her belly, keeping her on the mat.  More kicks to Devon’s inner thighs follow, then Sinn goes for another figure four.  This time Devon can’t escape, and Sinn locks the hold in, wrenching Devon’s legs tighter and tighter as Devon can only scream and pound the mat with her fists. Gripping her ankle, Sinn cinches the hold in, making Devon grimace in excruciating pain, while Sinn allows for a little trash talk, taunting Sinn to give up.  At last Devon can take no more and taps out, forcing Sinn to break the hold.  But Devon’s not done yet, as she fires a quick kick into the gloating Sinn’s belly, echoing her punishment by dealing out a stunner of her own, then mirroring the punches, kicks and spreaders to Sinn’s poor inner thighs.  Claws and leg drops further soften Sinn’s legs up, before Devon spins her into her own Figure Four. Now it’s Devon’s turn to gloat as Sinn screams and cries in pain, refusing to give up but trapped in Devon’s legs.  Devon cinches the hold tight, tilting her legs to apply even more pressure, even bouncing to add impact.  Finally Sinn can endure no more, tapping out , trying to soothe her tortured legs.  As Devon returns for more, Sinn catches her with a kick to the belly, followed quickly by another stunner, dropping her to the mat once more.  Wasting no time, she wraps Devon’s legs into another figure four, but the damage from the previous submission allows Devon to escape.  Sinn valiantly scrambles back, wrapping Devon up again in another figure four.  Devon twists and thrashes, trying to reverse the hold, but Sinn fights it with gasping struggling breaths.  At last Devon taps out, but Sinn refuses to break the hold!  Will Devon’s leg eventually snap?

Figure Four
Thigh Kicks
Thigh Claws
Thigh Punches
Elbow Strikes
Forced Leg Spreaders
Belly Punching
Tap Outs
Tit for Tat match
Belly Kicks
Snap Mares
Spinning Neck Breakers

Length: 11 min

Price: 7.99