(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Part 1:
In Part one of this two-part SKW classic series, we see Sin-D squaring off against Jackson in a Figure Four Submission Only match.  Before they square off, Jackson and SinD size each other up, with Sin-D claiming that the only reason she’s at SKW is to show everyone what a real “ring goddess” is all about.  As the opponents jaw-jack and trash talk, tempers begin to flair and before long Jackson has had enough and unloads a stiff right into Sin-D’s belly, immediately reaching in to flip her with a snap-mare takedown.  Sin-D rolls through the throw and pops back up to her feet instantly, not impressed, firing her own fist into Jackson’s belly in return and repaying the favor with a snap-mare that lands Jackson squarely on her ass.

Jackson gets back to her feet and lunges for Sin-D, firing another fist into her belly before wrapping her into a headlock and sending her to the mat with a snap-suplex, the impact jarring her back.  Wincing and feeling the effects, Sin-D is nonetheless back up to her feet quickly, eyeing her opponent warily while Jackson talks more trash.  A quick fist to the belly silences her, though, and Jackson soon finds her world tipping as Sin-D plants her with a snap suplex of her own. Jackson rises to her feet, determination written on her face as she grabs Sin-D and yanks her into a brutal Twist of Fate that bounces her head off the mat. Clutching her neck, Sin-D rises again to her feet, but noticeably slower, then lunges and repays Jackson with another shot to the belly and a Twist of Fate of her own, leaving Jackson lying on the mat dazed. Jackson bounces back up and grabs SinD, scooping her up for a shattering body slam, punishing her back further.

Once again Sin-D rises to her feet, stalking Jackson, and once again repays her, kicking her in the belly then scooping her up and driving her down with her own powerful body slam. Coughing from the impact, Jackson makes it back to her feet, and then surprises Sin-D with a stunner that rocks her head hard, diving after her as she lies sprawled on the floor, attacking her thighs and belly. She wrenches her legs with a splitter, twisting her ankles and making her squeal in pain. Finally, she wraps her into a figure four leg lock and Sin-D squirms as Jackson punishes her legs ankles and toes. Finally, Sin-D taps out, submitting, giving Jackson the first win

Back and forth the combatants battle, as Sin-D returns the favor with a stunner of her own, then similarly attacks Jacksons thighs and legs, softening her up until at last she’s wrapped in her own figure four leg lock.  After a grueling time struggling against the hold, Jackson finally submits, tying up the score.  Jackson isn’t out of the fight yet, though, and launches herself at Sin0D, belting her in the belly, then hitting her with another stunner before dragging her into the middle of the mat and wrapping her into another figure four. Sin-D thrashes and struggles, pounding on Jackson’s knees and getting her to break the hold, but Jackson attacks her legs again before wrapping her into another brutal figure four.  At last Sin-D has to tap.

Part 2:
In part 2 Sin-D’s new opponent is Devon, who has heard about her humiliation at Jackson’s hands. The girls circle each other, trash talking before squaring off in their own Figure Four Submission match.
With echoes of her match with Jackson, Sin-D finds herself trading punches, snap mare, suplexes, scoop slams and swinging neck breakers before the attacks to the legs soften the girls up for figure four leg locks.  After enduring attacks to her thighs and legs in the form of leg-drops, thigh splitters, hamstring kicks and inn thigh kicks, Sin-D once again finds herself outscored and out matched as Devon takes the lead with a brutal figure four.  Trash talking fun for everyone…. except maybe Sin-D
Snap Mares
Snap Suplexes
Pro Style
Figure Four Leg Lock
Belly Punching
Belly Kicking
Leg Splitters
Leg Drop
Leg Kicks
Trash Talk

NOTE: As these were shot quite some time ago, they are currently available only in 720p definition


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Length: 21 min
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