(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Hollywood returns for this video stretching out wearing a small white tie-up bikini with black boots and kneepads, readying herself for her match against Sumiko, who arrives wearing her own yellow bikini and wrestling boots.  Sumiko notes that she hasn’t seen Hollywood for over a year and despite the amazing amazons’ latest track record, believes she could defeat her.  Hollywood suggest they test that theory with a 10 minute submissions match, and Sumiko is only to eager to take that challenge, with the only stipulation being that the winner gets to Tombstone PileDriver the loser. Quickly they lock up, but Sumiko is able to drive her knee into Hollywood’s belly, followed by a series of belly-punches and knee lifts, doubling the veteran over, before unloading a series of belly-kicks, then pulling Hollywood into a brutal Abdominal Stretch.  Hollywood refuses to submit and reverses with a back elbow, followed by a belly stomp to Sumiko’s exposed belly.  Targeting Sumiko’s arm, Hollywood drops a knee to her elbow, and then yanks her up for hearty Headbutt, stunning the pert pugilist and sending her to the mat. Taking advantage of Sumiko’s cross-eyed catatonia, she wraps her into an arm-bar before breaking the hold with a swift kick to the belly, followed by a few Belly Punches and a long Powerslam.  Kicks to the back of the thigh and heart punches follow before Sumiko is thrown to the wall for belly kicks and punches, before finding herself flying end over end in a crisp Suplex.  Hollywood presses the attack clawing Sumiko’s belly before applying a modified Leg Scissors/Full Nelson combo. Sumiko refuses to submit, so Hollywood releases her only to haul her back to her feet, ramming her head first into the wall, for more Belly Punches and Knee lifts, pinning her arms above her head for full exposure.  Another Suplex rocks Sumiko before she finds herself lifted up for another Power Slam. Spreading Sumiko’s thigh wide, Hollywood leans into a Triangle Goin Stretch, complete with belly punches and belly clawing, but Sumiko refuses to quit. Hollywood then ties her up in a Modified Surfboard, really cinching it in, yanking her back by the arms.  Still refusing to quit, Hollywood pulls the weakened warrior into another Surfboard, talking trash the entire time, but she still refuses to quit, clawing at the mat in pain.  Still targeting her legs, Hollywood modifies the hold and leans into it hard.   Sumiko refuses to give up, trash talking her way out of the hold, but Hollywood has one more trick up her sleeve, a Single Leg Forced Crab.  At last Sumiko taps out, whimpering from the assault on her legs. Hollywood takes a moment for a triumphant Victory Pose, and then it’s time to pay the piper. Sumiko tries to talk her way out of it, but Hollywood is having none of it, dumping her opponent on her head with the Tombstone PileDriver, knocking her out for a pin we all recognize.

Belly Kicking
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Abdominal Stretch
Tombstone PileDriver
Belly Stomping
Belly Clawing
Knock Out
Eye Crossing
Trash Talking
Tap Out
Squash Match
Single Leg Forced Crab

Length: 11 min

Price: 8.99