(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



The creme of the crop, the belle of the ball, a titan of industry… the legendary and beautiful Christina Carter readies herself in the green room. She laces up her boots and stretches in front of a mirror, mentally preparing for whatever match is coming her way. A SKW official comes in and says there was a last minute request, and that she would not only be fighting, but should completely demolish Luna… with a cattle prod. Christina scoffs and tosses her hair as she laughs arrogantly, quickly agreeing to the match. Will Luna be the unfortunate recipient of a dominating (and patented) Christina Carter beatdown, or are there some surprises in store for Christina?

Luna arrives, innocently peering around and absorbing her surroundings, excited by the chance to do some working out by herself. She is oblivious, however, to her challenger waiting impatiently, weapon in hand. Christina Carter steps out from her hiding spot and confronts Luna and lets her in on the last minute change that they will be fighting. Expecting to be able to get the drop and take Luna by surprise, Christina Carter lets her guard down as Luna tosses her bag at her would be assailant. Foolishly Christina catches it, giving Luna the chance to send a powerful throat punch to her opponent. Christina Carter clutches at her throat, gasps for air and drops to her knees, as Luna circles around her like a lion zeros in on its prey. Luna enjoys watching her opponent suffer as she removes Christina’s sunglasses and knocks her out with a powerful kick to the face.

Luna plays with the unconscious wrestler’s limp arms and legs, quickly moving to her bag of tricks to see what kind of surprises await the formerly arrogant Christina Carter. She pulls out a test tube and stands over her opponent, taunting her about the increase in strength that the serum inside will give her. Luna tilts the vile back and drinks it, then injects Christina Carter with a syringe containing a different serum… a serum that makes the person much, much weaker.

The perfect storm of strength and weakness works out for the lovely Luna who begins an all out barrage and domination session of her own, starting with a powerful sleeperhold. She wrenches her arm around Christina’s throat and enjoys the spectacle of her opponent squirming and choking. Amazed at the degree to which her strength has grown, Luna lets go of the now unconscious Christina, letting her tumble to the ground. She quickly kicks over her opponent and continues the assault with powerful splashes that leave the one time confident assailant sucking wind.

Luna hums and sings joyously as she taunts Christina and wakes her up to suffer more of the same. Luna applies multiple pressure point attacks (one with a needle to the temple) that cause her opponent’s eyes to roll back in her head, her mouth to open, her tongue to stick out and eventually fade away into dreamland. Christina Carter is nothing but a plaything for Luna as she uses snapmare attacks, bearhugs, wedgies, belly torture, wall splashes, and chloroform to knock the wind out of the legend. A fantastic, David vs Goliath match, where Luna shows that large surprises sometimes do come in small packages. She utterly and completely dominates Christina Carter, ending this lopsided match with a leash, a taser and a ten second pin… I’m not sure if this outcome was what the patron had in mind when this match was commissioned, but Luna lays out a warning for any wrestler that thinks they can just sneak up and take her out.


Length: 30 min

Price: 28.99