(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We catch Laynie in the mat room getting her stretch on, which just so happens to be interrupted by an overly friendly SK. Laynie is onto his little scheme as she plays preemptive defense. Displeased about a previous match, Laynie is open to negotiate further opportunities, which manages to lower her guard granting SK the window for a cheap low blow to start the squashing.

SK immediately swoops in with a sleeperhold to get Laynie torpid and senseless. With enough pressure the limbs go limp and Laynie’s left in a derri “air” pose. A stomp the back jars Laynie awakens and SK jumps into the power moves with a Pedigree KO. Laynie spins up soft twitches and whimpers as she’s utterly out of it allowing for a hint of face play and limp play. Another back stomp pops her up for more. Laynie’s then lifted into a torture rack and bent into submission as she’s powerless to break the hold, eventually passing out and crashing onto her face. Laynie remains limp to the ragdolling and open to even more of SK’s blitz.

A stomp the back is followed by a spiking DDT that flips her over for another knockout. A back rake results in a rude awakening for Laynie and she’s placed against the wall for a barrage of belly punching. SK moves the rattled Laynie to the center of the mats and drops her with a heart punch KO assisted by a pleasing spit take. An ax handle to the back startles Laynie up and SK lifts her for a skullcrusher submission that squeezes her into drooling convulsions and a complete flop onto the canvas. Remaining limp to the touch, SK takes the opportunity to grab a sharpie and brand her forehead with the mark of a loser, then ragdolls her around as his personal training dummy.

SK scoops her up and bends her forward for another pedigree that she doesn’t budge against, then is sent crashing face first into the mats. Even stronger convulsions set in from the high impact. Laynie gets a short rest as SK takes a moment to toy with her before bending her into a Texas clover submission to stir her awake. A spiking piledriver smashes Laynie into the mats leaving her face down and spasming from the collision. She finds herself on the receiving end of yet another destructive pedigree and the convulsions remain intense.

SK’s dominance doesn’t let up as Laynie receives another skullmashing piledriver inciting more twitches from the amazon. A stomp to the back sparks Laynie up again and she’s curled and lifted into a small package before being planted into the mats to be left a convulsing heap. To show the squashed Laynie off to the camera, SK bends her backwards with a camel clutch and the drool pours from the soporose heroine. When the deed is done, Laynie is left face down in a puddle of her own product from the cunning ploy from SK.

Groin kick
Sleeperhold KO
Back stomps
Pedigree KOs
Torture rack KO
Belly punching
Head punch KO
Skullcrusher KO
Forehead branding
Texas clover hold
Piledriver KOs
Small package piledriver KO
Camel clutch
Derri “air” KO pose
Limp play
Limb checks
Eye checks
Face play
Eye rolling
Face down KOs


Length: 19 min
Price: 18.99