(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Faith is welcomed back after her making her tour across the states and building her brand. Elated to get back in the mix at SKW she’s part of a new improvisational match type where the opponent and the stipulations are drawn randomly from cups of hidden choices. Upon drawing she selects a “No DQ” stipulation and her opponent just so happens to be… TINY! Upon hearing his name the giant emerges from the shadows and sneaks up to a reluctant Faith, who gets a warm welcome back with a boot to the gut.

Tiny sends her back first into the opposing wall and rips into her midsection with assorted belly blows. She begins to secrete at the massive man’s might and is whipped across to the other wall. He collides into her with running wall splashes leaving her face down and ass up with vanquished twitches. Tiny flips her over and throws his weight with numerous running belly splashes. He spreads the wealth to her poor back as each splash has her moan in agony before she checks out and lightly spasms. He respositions her to the center and plants a huge boot into her back for revival. Next, he applies a high-angle camel clutch similar to another genetic freak and ravages her back even further. The distress causes Faith to pass out as the hold breaks her in two.

Unresponsive to limb checks, Tiny employs a hand stomp that’s sure to wake Faith in an excruciating tizzy. She soon forgets about the pain in her hand as he aims for the neck with a two-handed throat lift. She’s raised to the ceiling and in no time flat she’s a convulsing and frothy mess as the submission does its worst. When set on the ground she immediately melts backwards as an eye-rolling, drooling, and convulsing mess. Tiny stalks her as she helplessly writhes and lifts her by the hair, ready to escalate the convulsions further. A heart punch makes Faith violently shake as the drool froths up, seeping from her pursed lips. Again she collapses backward producing powerful convulsions and globs of saliva. He finally gives her a much needed respite as a second heart punch eases the spasms for another KO.

Tiny sits Faith up but she barely has the strength to keep posture. He lifts her to her feet where she staggers around stupefied, then traps her in a dreadful dragon sleeper. She flops to the mat void of all senses and he persists with the throat punishment. A throat lift scoops her from the ground and a knee to the ribs hunches her over. A piledriver and ragdolling leaves her lethargic and twitching. The sharp pain of a foot stomp brings her back to reality, then he hoists her up for a Canadian backbreaker. The rack sees her nearly broken in two, but he adds insult to injury with an additional slam. She concedes to the submission and is left producing spit bubbles.

Tiny yanks Faith up by the ear and continues targeting her back with a torture rack. She’s winded as the hold destroys her spine then hits the ground like a broken toy. He then flips her over and applies a pendulum swing testing the limits of her flexibility. He combos into a crippler crossface and she’s hopeless to remain conscious through the hold. A knee to the back sits her upright and vigilant for a skullcrusher submission. The tormenting hold sends her into jerking convulsions for a KO. He knocks her out of shock with a sharp kick to the spine, then lifts her up. A punch to the stomach lines her up for an impactful small package piledriver KO.

Tiny attempts to sit Faith up, but she’s completely deprived of energy. She ragdolls in his arms a bit before crashing into the mats from a fire thunder driver. She finally shows signs of life as a two-handed belly claw rips at the abs causing her excruciating howls. She slowly gets to a stand and he makes the damage up to her with a huge bearhug KO. He then gets brief assistance from SK to familiarize himself with the match stipulation and grabs a chair to take advantage. A stepover stomp and foot stomp shock Faith into a painful reality. Tiny puts her right back to sleep with a chair shot, then follows-up with consecutive chair shots to the point of a KO spit take!

Tiny gets his hands on a bench, which he sits Faith upon and delivers a set of head kicks till she slides off for another fountain-like spit take and jolting convulsions. He brings their No DQ match to a close with his signature Tiny special and two-handed press 10-count pin. He sends a warning to all future challengers of what’s in-store for them and lifts her for an OTS carry. Eager to flex the ruleset of the match type he administers a final Tiny special to her and she’s put to rest with a 10-count matchbook pin. A slimy reveal at the end shows how boned she was in her returning bout, but at least it’s over now, right?…

Belly kick
Throat lifts
Belly strikes
Running wall plashes KO
Belly splashes KO
High-angle camel clutch KO
Hand stomp
Two-handed throat lift KO
Heart punches KO
Dragon sleeper KO
Piledriver KO
Foot stomps
Canadian backbreaker KO
Ear twist
Torture rack KO
Pendulum swing hold
Crippler crossface KO
Knee to back
Skullcrusher KO
Running spinal kick
Small package piledriver KO
Fire thunder driver KO
Belly claw
Bearhug KO
Stepover stomp
Chair shot KO
Chair shots w/ spit take KO
Bench-assisted stomps w/ spit take KO
Tiny special KOs
Two-handed press 10-count pin
Over-the-shoulder carry
10-count matchbook pin
Instant replays
Derri “air” KO pose
Limb checks
Eye checks
Twitching / convulsing
Drooling / frothing


Length: 39 min
Price: 38.99