(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The incredibly toned Lora Cross makes her SKW debut flaunting her flawless physique and eager to put hands on the SKW roster. During Lora and SK’s dialogue, Galas conveniently emerges from eavesdropping, ready to give Lora a warm welcome in the best way the brand knows how. A banter between the two sees them compare diet, muscles, and a little food prep before SK officiates a no DQ multi-pinfall match and the ladies tie up.

Lora gains momentum as she forces Galas against the wall for a series of belly punches that have Galas reeling in agony. A snapmare sends Galas to the mats where Lora pursues with a tight bodyscissor. Lora puts immense pressure on Galas’ gut as she cries in dazed anguish. Before Galas passes out, Lora releases the hold and switches to a rear headscissor as she flexes her martial arts talents. Galas frantically kicks around as she attempts to escape but ends up taking a nap with Lora’s glutes point blank. A cocky single leg hook 10-count guarantees the first fall for Lora.

A bit of time passes and Galas remains knocked out from Lora’s crush. Confident that Galas won’t be waking anytime soon she shares some of her routine and poses for SK, but unfortunately for her Galas uses the distraction to score a tide-turning low blow. Apparently the rest has Galas nice and energized as she initiates offense against the newcomer. Lora is thrown to the wall where she receives numerous stomach punches. A belly claw forces groans of despair from Lora as her shapely abs are crunched. A couple snapmares wear down and floor Lora allowing Galas to apply a hair-pulling bodyscissor from behind. Lora wails as Galas’ powerful legs put on the squeeze, but it gets even worse when she applies a sleeperhold in tandem. Lora’s on the cusp of a KO before she’s released for more punishment.

Galas chucks Lora against the wall for more strikes to the gut that convert to a belly claw. Suddenly in the midst of Lora’s suffering her feigned moans turn to laughs as disbelief sets on Galas’ face. Lora welcomes more belly shots as Galas looks on in terror. Galas delivers ferocious blows to her defined abs but to no effect as Lora laughs them off. Lora forcefully swaps spots with her then administers pounding midsection shots of her own. Galas remains helpless as she’s struck and a belly claw rips at her flesh. After crumpling to the mats Galas sees herself victim to Lora’s jiu jitsu as a figure four headscissor squeezes her on all fours. The drool flows as Lora’s hold takes its toll and Galas becomes one with the mats. Lora rolls her opposition over for a dominant facesitting 10-count pin that scores another fall.

A belly stomp barely awakens the drowsy Galas before she’s lifted for a back-crushing bearhug. Galas melts in her grasp as she offers little resistance then slumps to the floor. Galas lies sleepy on the brink of defeat as Lora lies beside her, continually cramming her lower back with a vicious bearhug. Soft moans and puffed cheeks beget the SKW vet as Lora compresses the air out of her. After Galas’ lights go out she’s dragged to the center of the room for a 10-count matchbook pin.

A few minutes remain and Lora seeks to display her strength and make her presence known to the SKW sphere. Lora delivers over-the-shoulder carries to the vanquished Galas, establishing dominance over her foe. In textbook SKW fashion she finishes Galas off with a seated sleeperhold which she has no hope to escape. Galas’ face becomes a resting spot for her foot as it serves for multiple win poses solidifying Lora’s win. Lora strolls off in search of victory snacks as SK is left attempting to revive his fallen amazon.

Belly punching
Rear headscissor KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Low blow
Belly claws
Rear bodyscissor w/ hair pulling
Bodyscissor w/ sleeperhold
Elevated figure four headscissor
Facesitting 10-count pin
Grounded bearhug KO
Matchbook 10-count pin
Sleeperhold KO
Win poses
Over-the-shoulder carries
Eye rolling
Trash talk
Alternate ending


Length: 24 min
Price: 21.99