(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We’re greeted by recent newcomers, Onyx Kim and Reagan, and the ladies are eager to put in some work for the girls. Considering the havoc that Tiny has been wreaking against the female competitors, the duo has sought out for vengeance and to deal some damage of their own. The confident pair exhibit their magnificent figures and get the bright idea to throw on some sexier outfits, but their show soons turns into an unfavorable exhibition.

Reagan heads to the back to retrieve their enticing attire but is shocked to run directly into Tiny waiting in the shadows, dying to give them a proper welcome to the dungeon. Before she can even squeal Tiny wraps his massive bicep across the throat of Reagan who is lifted off the ground, wildly kicking as she fights for freedom before being put out. The unaware Onyx continues a braggadocious spiel as Tiny discards Reagan and focuses on his next prey.

The continuously flexing Onyx is scooped into the air by her underarms and sent into shock as she cops pleas to be released. She manages to convince Tiny to ease up, however he won’t be letting the ladies go without a match. In gentleman’s fashion he offers Onyx one free shot before the match starts and she does her best to make it count.

A failed clothesline sends Onyx crashing to the mats and stunned, having the opposite effect as intended. Tiny’s disappointment grants her another shot which becomes a bell-ringing low blow that manages to bring Tiny to his knees! She quickly applies a headlock and believes she has the upperhand before Tiny stops playing possum and effortlessly lifts her up twisting her into a gut wrenching hold.

Tiny sets her down again as he enjoys his foes with a bit of fight in them and Onyx quickly improvises a new plan of attack. She engages in a seductive strip tease using her charm to disarm the giant and it seemingly manages to lower his guard. She gets up close and personal before springing a bearhug on Tiny and tries her damndest to thwart him but to no avail. She wraps her arms around his neck and jumps up to apply a bodyscissor but the result remains the same.

Tiny brings her offense to a halt as he powerfully clutches her upper back, turning his bearhug into hers. Onyx furiously kicks coughs and gasps before she gasses in his grasp and is ragdolled some before slumping to the mats. He admires his work a bit before a throat lift scoops her from the ground and into the air for a massive chokeslam that subdues her again. A thunderous back kick wakes her up in a panic before Tiny sets her up for a massive stomach blow. She’s then hoisted into the air for a massive powerbomb that forces the wind out of her for another KO.

A belly stomp brings her back to and she’s then lifted to her feet by her ear before being picked up for a thudding body slam causing her to sharply arch and cry out before it’s lights out. Tiny concludes his playtime with Onyx and delivers a sickening Tiny special that’s topped off with an Undertaker-style 10-count pin. However, in the wings Reagan is able to find consciousness and takes the opportunity to strike.

Right after Tiny finishes the pin, Reagan pounces as she jumps on Tiny’s back trying her hardest to apply an effective sleeper, but only manages to irritate the behemoth as he splats her against the wall back first for a knockout. Tiny decides to get Reagan as comfortable as her ally and strips her to her undergarments, then places both ladies side by side pondering what’s next. After setting Onyx to the side, Reagan is lifted by her throat and planted into the mats for a wicked chokeslam KO.

An ear splitting kick to her spine awakens her and she receives a bit of foot torture before Tiny heaves her up for a splatting powerbomb KO. A goofy bit of ventriloquism convinces Tiny to inflict some more punishment and a stomach stomp rattles her awake. She’s lifted and paraded around some before a body slam drives her to the mats for a delayed KO. Tiny targets her hand with his weight to revive her and she’s hoisted up for another bearhug that crushes her upper back. He takes a breather with a little over-the-shoulder carry before closing out the match with another Tiny special KO.

Tiny basks in victory and plays with the now defeated duo as they’re ragdolled, lifted and carried, and even used for a bit of recreational curling! He strikes a pose with a double over-the-shoulder carry before strolling off with his trophies.

Lifting sleeperhold KO
Lift and carries
Low blow
Gut wrench lift
Bearhug KOs
Throat lifts
Chokeslam KOs
Eye checks
Limb checks
Spinal kicks
Belly punch
Powerbomb KOs
Bodyslam KOs
Tiny Special KOs
Undertaker 10-count pin
Wall splash KO
Hand & foot stomps
Over-the-shoulder carries


Length: 30 min
Price: 27.99