LEOTARDS AND KOs: Sixth Battle

We fade in on the beautiful Foxy Roulette and Niki Lee Young as they enter Foxy’s bedroom.  Turns out the two lovely ladies met online and share a special set of…tastes.  They’ve agreed to meet and “play”, and it becomes obvious that they’re both HEAVILY into leotards and shiny tights!   They admire each other’s outfits before moving onto their next passion:  knockouts galore!   Foxy walks Niki through a ton of knockout scenarios…building up to a final double drug KO that’s destined to leave the newfound friends snoozing through the night!!!


leotard/stocking admiration scenes
sleeper hold KO
eyerolling KOs
limb checks
body scissors
neck scissors KO
blackjack/butt in the air KOs
double sleepy gas KO
multiple punches to the face
uppercut KOs
eyecrossing/tongue protrusion
multiple belly punches
belly punch KOs
wall slide KOs
double chloroform kiss KO
chloroform KO
self chloro KO
drugged syringe double KO
final body pile



Length: 26 min

Price: 23.99