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Sleeperkid is excited and humbled to be working with Diana Knight..who happens to be standing behind him, mocking his every word, as he gushes like a fan boy. Just when his flattery gets gag-worthy, Diana handles the problem by attacking the Kid with a low blow punch. She follows it up with a camel clutch, cranking brutally back on his neck and back. Diana’s sadistic attitude sets the tone for this exciting back and forth match.

Diana and Sleeperkid trade the dominant position back and forth throughout this match, both utilizing surprise tactics to turn the tables just as you’d think they were done for. The two opponents are able to interchange the roles of jobber and heel flawlessly, selling each hold to the max and creating an air of reality to the match.

After several back and forth battles between SK and Diana, it’s the former that takes the cake. After a painful drop into a back breaker, SK stands Diana up for a running neck snap. Thrown to the mats, it’s time for the Kid’s coupe de grace: the sleeper hold.

It’s a slow, eye rolling, tongue lolling sleeper KO. Diana endures the rear naked choke as long as she possibly can before finally giving in to unconsciousness. Once she’s finally out, Sleeperkid slaps out a 10 count pin and poses victoriously over her fallen body.


low blow punch
camel clutch
kneeling surfboard
standing surfboard
side headlock/neck crank
atomic drop
leg breaker
boston crab
torture rack
sleeper hold escape
schoolgirl pin
hammerfist strike
lifted bear hug
figure four leg lock
belly claw
over the knee back breaker
over the knee back breaker drop
running neck snap


Length: 11 min

Price: 7.99