From the fan that wrote BRIDGET’S MISTAKE comes yet another entry in the squash-fest series!  This time it’s new girl KIRA that takes on SAPPHIRE in a non-stop submissions battle, one she quickly realizes was never destined to go her way!

Tall as she is (6’3!), Kira simply cannot take control of the battle as Sapphire slides her into submission holds galore, including armbars, camel clutch, multiple single leg crabs, various boston crabs, torture rack, over the knee backbreaker, baby swing, modified hangman, texas cloverleaf, STF/choke, and more…

…all leading to a final SIT-DOWN boston crab that not only wins the match for Sapphire…it also nearly splits Kira in two!


Length: 14 min

Price: $12.99