A challenge is a challenge, even if it ends up being a contest to see which girl can score three knockouts first in a no-holds-barred battle! The battle begins with Keri attacking Harmony’s belly and instantly hopping on the taller girl’s back to secure a piggy back sleeper KO! Harmony awakens to a brutal camel clutch, heavier belly blows, and a reverse thigh-neck scissors KO that leaves her dangling limply from Keri’s grip. As Harmony stands losing 2-0, she awakens to further gut punishment…only to suddenly reverse the attack and nail Keri with a stunner KO! Harmony locks in a special hangman/carotid pinch KO combo for her second point, using a leg nelson to waken the lovely and tortured blonde. The final KO comes out of the blue as Harmony nails a perfect front-snap kick to Keri’s face, blasting the grappler into the wall, where she slides to the ground, out like the proverbial LIGHT! A final leghook pin and victory pose spells it all out, folks!

Length: 10 min 42 sec

Price: $8.99