(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


After TONS of fan requests for this match, we just HAD to make it happen.  Two of the most popular gals in the business tangle in a multi-fall/KOs and pins match…with only ONE wrestler destined to remain standing at the very end!Here’s the rundown:(Note: All rounds end with a pin and victory pose)ROUND ONE: Becky wins a test of strength and traps Keri in a straighjacket choke, following up with THREE massive sidealsk slams, followed by a final sleeper hold that puts Keri OUT!

ROUND TWO: The girls lock up but Keri slams becky against the wall, peppering her body with punches and knees, followed by snap mare and a tight figure four leglock!  Keri then finishes Becky off with a vise-like figure four neckscissors KO!

ROUND THREE: Becky dominates with a sudden bearhug that slowly saps Keri of all strength and consciousness.  Becky dangles her and lets her drop to the mats, following up with a kneeling surfboard, hair pulling, and three running wall splashes that knock KERI out COLD!

ROUND FOUR: Keri dominates with three back to back X-FACTORS and some SERIOUS hair torture.  Keri stands on Becky’s long locks, pulling her arms back and adding pressure to the stretch!  She then applies a surfboard/hair-pull, followed by a chokeout achieved by using Becky’s own hair as a choke rope!  Becky fights it but eventually slips off to Dreamland!

ROUND FIVE: Keri traps Becky in a sudden sleeper, but Becky reverses with a brutal chinbreaker!  Keri drops like a bag of rocks as Becky rises to her knees, but the sleeper’s taken its toll.  Becky’s eyes roll back as she collapses, leading to a count out for both ladies and a draw for round five!

FINAL ROUND:  Becky attacks with a sudden forearm to Keri’s back, followed by stomps and a brutal chair shot to Keri’s skull!  Keri is down, but manages to BARELY kick out of Becky’s pin.  Becky nails a DDT and tries another pin, but Keri miraculously kicks out AGAIN!  Becky goes for another chair shot but Keri ducks and sends a foot into Becky’s belly, causing her to drop her weapon.  A weary but rage-driven Keri grabs the chair and SLAMS it into Becky’s face, knocking her out cold!  Keri decides to make sure there won’t be any kickouts, however, and traps Becky in a tight sleeper that quickly drains her of any and all potential comebacks!  Keri goes for the leghook pin and gets her ten count!



Length: 17 min

Price: $15.99