(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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In this POV fantasy experience, you are facing off against two of the nastiest, evil heels in Sumiko and Kayla, who stride into the mat room cackling and full of confidence, having kidnapped you to ransom you back to your father. They gloat and laugh at you until they notice you aren’t cuffed, and suddenly you whip out a can of knockout spray!  They stagger and stumble as the gas takes effect, their eyes crossing as they sink into lower and lower consciousness, falling to the ground after a second spritz, their tongues lolling as they sink against each other to the floor, lying with their asses high in the air. You indulge in some limp play to assure yourself they’re out.

When the slowly come to again, they woozily get to their feet only to be met with fists to the face, bashing them so hard they spin in place before dropping to the ground. One final shot sends each off to dreamland yet again, giving you moment to play with their limp bodies

Belly stomps bring them back to consciousness and you like them up on the wall, pressing your arm over their throats to strangle them, their tongues flopping as they struggle for breath before slowly sinking to the ground in a pile.  You remove their boots, exposing hose-clad feet, flopping the girls around as you do.

When they finally wake up and stagger back to their feet, eyes unfocused and stumbling, you greet their skulls to a shot from your billy stick, making them wobble on their feet as they try to stay upright, so a second, third, and even fourth shot to the head is required to knock them out.  As they collapse into a pile over each other, you retrieve a syringe from their duffel bag, then stomp them back to waking
Lining them up against the wall, you plunge the needle into both their necks, making them wobble and simple as their eyes roll and cross before they collapse once again onto the floor.

Again and again you torment them with knockouts, injecting them, hypnotizing them into wearing chloroform masks, making them chloroform each other with soaked rags, forcing them to fight each other until one takes the other out with a sleeper hold while she herself succumbs to a nerve pinch, using chopstick nerve attacks to their temples, making them fall on tazers so they shudder and drool, then finally enslaving them to wear collars and crawl for you before knocking them out to take them to prison.

Two On One
Knockout Spray
Face Punching
Belly Stomps
Billy Clubs
Boot Removal
Limp Play
Rolling Tongues
Crossed Eyes
Chloroform Masks
Face Down Ass Up
Sleeper Hold
Nerve Pinch
Chopstick Attack


Length: 31 min
Price: 25.99