(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Taking place several days after BABYFACE RAGDOLL 6,  this brutal vid kicks of with Katja getting home from the hospital after the beatdown she took from Sapphire.  Still dressed in pajamas, we see her get ready to cook some breakfast while calling her sister Helena to check in.  That’s when we realize Sapphire hasn’t had enough of kicking the crap out of the Russian beauty.  She sneaks up on Katja and starts beating her down in the kitchen, but this time Katja’s hand reaches for a frying pan and WHAMMO…a shot to the face drops Sapphire like a stone!

An enraged Katja starts stomping and choking Sapphire, throwing some punches that connect with the Latina’s face.  She stands Sapphire up and slams her face into the kitchen counter and into the refrigerator door, knocking her senseless.  She slams the kitchen door into Sapphire’s skull repeatedly, screaming in anger as she sets her up for a DDT ONTO THE FLOOR!  Sapphire is OUT COLD as we see Katja move in for the kill.  Sapphire suddenly reaches behind her back and whips out a knife…sending a frightened Katja running out of the house and into her backyard, where she slips and falls, injuring her leg!   Sapphire approaches her victim and stomps the sobbing Katja, working on her leg and slamming a garden gnome into her face, knocking the poor girl out cold!  She dumps Katja onto an outdoor couch and works her leg over some more, torturing the girl’s limb with slams to the steel arm rest, a poker attack, fists to the face, and a sudden set of shovel strikes to the face that knock Katja out again!

Sapphire drags Katja into the living room and disrobes her, stripping her to her wrestling bikini.  The humiliation begins, with Sapphire choking her with her own clothes, force feeding her yogurt and a banana (no joke), working the leg, and slamming the girl’s face into the wooden floor, and knocking her out cold after a BARRAGE of face punches.  Katja comes to and somehow lands a kick to Sapphire’s face that gives her enough time to limp to her bedroom, but Sapphire finds her and attacks with the frying pan, sending blows into her face and eventually knocking her out cold.  She continues her assault, taking Katja to the SKW mat room and flipping her onto the ground.  She follows up with several snap mares, verbal humiliation, a sleeper hold KO (with drooling), a choke slam KO, a piledriver KO (with twitching), a tombstone KO, and TWO SAPPHIRE BOMB KOs…before dragging her upstairs and into the shower, where she ties her hands behind her, sleepers her out a second time, writes a check to “cover her next hospital visit expenses”, soaks her with water, and leaves her completely unconscious!!!!!

(includes post interview and outtake)


Length: 32 min

Price: 21.99