We fade in on Jordynne Grace giving the fans a message…stating that she was impressed with previous wrestlers attempts to wrestle an “invisible heel” (something a lot of pro wrestling schools ask students to do in order to graduate)…but confident that she can outdo them all.

The results will most likely make you scream:  “HOLY SH*T!!!”

Seriously, folks:  Jordynne Grace proves that she’s one of the very best indie pro wrestlers in the business by getting DESTROYED at the hands of someone who’s NOT THERE!  She’s attacked with clotheslines, snapmares, DDTs, a brutal chokeslam, multiple KOs via sleeper and cobra clutch, chair shot to the head, surfboard, single leg crab, post KO attacks, arm checks, multiple humiliation pins, and a final KO that layes her out…leaving SK to check her limp limbs for the final count!!!!

In the end, SK congratulates the amazing pro’s performance…and we fade out on Jordynne smiling as she prepares for next match (against a REAL wrestler)!!!


Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99