We fade in on two robe-clad beauties:  Jacquelyn and Pandora…revealing their bikinis as they talk trash and prepare for a long-awaited battle.  Jacquelyn smiles and implies that Pandora’s too rusty to take her, after having been off the mats for more than a year.  Pandora replies with a sudden belly blow that stuns Miss Velvets, followed by a series of ab attacks against the wall that take all the fight out of the winded Jacquelyn!

What follows is Pandora teaching her beautiful opponent a lesson in expectations.  Sure, Velvets EXPECTED to win this match…but that’s just not what happens!  In the end, a beaten Jacquelyn can barely move as Pandora preens over her, rejoicing in her triumphant return to SKW!


Belly punching
camel clutch
knee to the gut
torture rack
body scissors
sleeper hold KO
leg nelson / lotus lock
reverse neckscissors KO
figure four leglock
standard neck scissors KO
push up/reverse neck scissors
boston crab
figure four neckscissors
schoolgirl pin
humiliation victory pose
(includes bonus “saying hello to a special fan” segment)


Length: 12 min

Price: 9.99