(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



This gem from the SKW vaults features spunky Ivy Sloan facing off against the wily Sumiko.  Hot off a winning streak, Ivy has noticed that Sumiko hasn’t been faring quite so well, and figures it’s a good time to go after the SKW top spot. Wearing skimpy bikinis the two combatants meet back-to back on the mat, ready for a pro-style 3-count pinfall match.  The grapplers lock up, and Ivy gets a belly kick in quickly, and then lays Sumiko out with a running lariat and a series of quick belly stomps.  Keeping up the pressure, Ivy hauls Sumiko to her feet, scooping her for a devastating body slam, before throwing her against the wall for belly kicks and knee lifts.  Sumiko’s eyes bulge as the wind is driven from her belly over and over before collapsing to the ground.  Ivy scoops her for another punishing body slam, trash talking as Sumiko writhes in pain on the mat.  Belly splashes quickly follow as Ivy rides the momentum, as Sumiko can only gasp and puff helplessly on the ground, eyes crossing.  But Ivy goes to the well once too often and Sumiko is able to roll out of the way.  Both combatants get to their feet slowly, but Sumiko drives a running lariat before Ivy can get her bearings, crashing the battling blonde to the ground. Sumiko gets retribution as she scoops Ivy up for a series of her own Body Slams, punishing her back further with elbow drops and knee drops to Ivy’s spine.  Another body slam and then Ivy finds herself wound into a devastating Boston Crab, before Sumiko hauls her up for a set of snap Suplexes and another body slam.  A sidewalk Slam drops Ivy to the mat before Sumiko punishes her belly with a series of knee drops, then belly punches and knee lifts as she throws Ivy to the wall.  Ivy stumbles, dazed and winded, then gets caught in a DDT, her head bouncing hard off the mat.  Sumiko quickly hauls her up for DDT, and then drops in for a confidant cover.  Ivy manages to get the shoulder up, however, so a frustrated Sumiko decides to end it with one final devastating DDT, then a brutal Tombstone Pile Driver, at last knocking her out and picking up the win.  Victory pose for Sumiko, humiliation for Ivy.

Pro Style
Body Slams
Belly Splashes
Knee Lifts
Belly Punching
Running Knee Lifts
Boston Crab
Elbow Drops
Knee Drops
Sidewalk Slam
TombStone Pile Driver
Crossed Eyes
Rolling Eyes

Length: 12 min

Price: 9.99