The match MANY OF YOU have been BEGGING TO SEE!!!

We fade in on SK introducing both Lady Victoria and her opponent Sumiko, waiting patiently for them to disrobe into their gear before starting this epic match.  It all starts in Sumiko’s favor, with the lovely asian ducking in and out of Victoria’s grapple attempts.  She drops the pro with a kick to the back, then dodges Victoria’s running splash.  Sumiko drives multiple kicks into Victoria’s abs, follows up with belly blows, and traps Victoria in a brutal triangle choke that knocks the veteran OUT COLD!  Delighted, Sumiko goes for a split pin but Victoria barely makes the kickout.  Enraged, Sumiko goes back on the offensive, nailing a running snapmare that dazes the pro.  She grabs a handful of Victoria’s hair, but the Lady pulls back and delivers a sudden LOW BLOW that floors Sumiko!

Able to regain most of her strength, Victoria proceeds to unleash her rage on the stunned jobber!!!   What follows, in true SKW fashion, is one hell of a beatdown…and an intense lesson from a seasoned pro to a destroyed rookie!


boot choke on the ground
hair pulling
face slam into wall
single hand choke
chest chops
double handed choke on the wall
eye attack
eye rake
forehead bite
double pressure point claw to the neck
low blow head butt
inner thigh claw
calf claw
toe lock
figure four leglock PAIN KO
forearm smash to the back
neck biting
chops to the neck
claws to the neck
eyerolling KO
face claw
single handed neck claw KO
belly splash
ab stretch / belly claw
Tongan death grip near KO
cobra clutch KO
belly attacks
double throat jab instant KO
belly claw wake up
belly claw pain KO / twitching
light ragdolling
over the knee backbreaker
backbreaker hand smother KO
body scissors / sleeper hold combo KO
armpit claw nerve attack KO
bearhug KO
torture rack
(Sleeperkid starts begging Victoria to stop)
torture rack handsmother KO
final double neck claw eyerolling KO

An enraged Lady Victoria ends it all by attacking the camera man!!!!!!



Length: 32 min

Price: 25.99