(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 60 mins

Price: $29.99

Starring:  Lady Victoria and Jessle

Words cannot describe what the climax to this series displays in terms of pure and visceral action, but we’re gonna give it a shot regardless!

Lady Victoria, hell bent on taking out the Kid himself, has taken out Helena, Layla, and SHAN…and just like Bruce Lee once did, she now faces the challenge at the top of the tower….SK’s beautiful and pro-trained resident powerhouse: JESSLE, who even issued a hateful and arrogant open challenge to Lady Victoria at the end of PINNED AND BROKEN 3!!

“I’ve heard you been talkin’ sh*t about me, Jessle…” is Lady Victoria’s opening line, as the two powerful opponents circle…looking for an opening.

“Talkin’ sh*t? No…Talkin’ TRUTH…” is the reply that pours from the eager Jessle (whose two-piece black outfit makes her look as powerful and beautiful as ever!)

…and the battle begins.

We have shot tons of video footage for the fans so far, and each piece owns a place in our hearts, but all of our wrestlers, and even a few local fans who have gotten some sneak peeks, agree that this is one of the most intense apartment-style pro battles they’ve witnessed. All the dynamics are here. Lady V is a seasoned veteran, while Jessle is a heel-ish rookie barely out of her teens. The two women have been eyeing each other’s skills for months, and they attack like animals possessed. The results are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

We start off with a brutal back and forth struggle for control, as reverse bearhugs, armlocks, and leglocks are exchanged..body blows rain down on both ladies, and when Lady Victoria delivers a powerful chest slap, Jessle’s return chop to Lady V’s body sounds like a GUNSHOT.

The battle continues, with crushing body/head scissors, Headbutt drops/stomps to the crotch, leg and thigh stomps, bare handed chokes, kicks and stomps to the gut, and even a Chyna-style low blow that leaves one wrestler whimpering, only to get wrapped up in a Dragon Sleeper that wins the first fall.

Oh, and the rules??? Only one: The first girl to give up the entire match by verbally stating it to the camera is the loser…

The battle rages on, and this time the ladies unleash their arsenal of tricks. the Boston crab, arm stretches, camel clutch, chokes, gut destructions, bodyslams, massive leg and elbow drops, full body sit-down chest squashes, a hair raising over the knee backbreaker/gut torture rack, a vertical back snap tactic, and a never-before-seen-here ROMERO/MEXICAN CEILING HOLD that stretches Jessle to her limits. Soon enough, one lady is in the PERFECT position for a full COBRA CLUTCH sleeper that slowly lulls her to a deep state of unconsciousness!

This leads to a KO matchbook body pin that is as humiliating as it is uncomfortable…

And yet the battle continues, with appearances by the bearhug, chickenwing guillotine, rope choke, snap mares galore, even more body scissors, a powerful figure four leglock, sitting ab-stretch, and a sudden PILEDRIVER that knocks one of our ladies out COLD yet again only to get woken up in an upside down leg/body stretch…groggy….not expecting the sudden roundhouse boot kick to the head that sends her down for another nap on the canvas!

And this is where you’d better practice wincing, because when one lady suddenly takes complete control and advantage of the match, INVASION FOUR turns into a classic and extremely brutal SQUASH KNOCKOUT job, with one unfortunate lady suddenly turned into a puppet for the victor’s KO tactics, which include a CRUSHING figure four headscissors, an extended sleep-inducing bearhug, a sleeper hold that’s as slow-acting as it is final…and an against-the wall series of punches to the temple that slowly leaves one girl out on her butt, legs extended as she has to take the final punch that speeds her rocket-trip to la-la land.

But it does NOT end there…

An iron claw leads to a dreaded DDT attack, with a sudden vicious drop to a VERY thin mat that leaves the poor girl OUT COLD yet again…only to slowly wake up to her attacker wrapping her hand in a gym sock….and suddenly we’re taken back to the days of WWE’s MANKIND as the horrifying and humiliating MANDIBLE CLAW sends the poor and sudden-jobber off to another meeting with the Sandman.

And…well…it doesn’t end there. But we can no longer go on. See it for yourself. We’re as proud of this release as a parent is proud of a child graduating High-School, and you don’t need to stare too long at the preview clip and pics to see why!!!

-A special thanks to Lady Victoria for making it all possible!