Clip 1: Sleeperkid viciously attacks and destroys Wonder-Serena with belly blows, a boston crab, ab stretch, and a backbreaker KO. But when Serena wakes up, SK makes sure to end it for GOOD, trapping Serena in an over the knee backbreaker while she’s suspended in mid-air! The pain eventually proves too much for our superheroine as she fades away, left out cold on the mat.

Clip 2: This time reality and fantasy collide as Angelina completely dominates Wonder-Serena (after a sneak attack) with belly attacks, camel clutch, sitting leg-nelson, stunner KO, Texas Cloverleaf, surfboard/armpull, dragon sleeper KO, a DDT on a steel tray (!!!), and a final figure four neck scissors that leaves our blonde heroine slumbering on the mats, posed over by the vicious Angelina (who happens to be sporting Serena’s headband!) (outtakes included!)

Length: 8 min, 37 sec (Total)

Price: $6.99