(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Back to back stand Lucky O’Shea and Violet Blayze for their knockouts-based battle. No holds barred & no disqualifications are the only stipulation that the ladies happily comply with. With that said, SK breaks into a countdown to set off their bout.

Lucky jumps the gun and catches Violet off guard with a piggyback sleeper. Violet uses her stature in an attempt to swing Lucky off, but eventually wilts down to the mats. As the chokehold settles in, the ladies topple back and Lucky gets the advantage with a sitting sleeperhold. Violet goes limp in Lucky’s submission and doesn’t budge versus her limb checks. Lucky prolongs the hold before letting Violet droop to the mats. To drive her advantage even further Lucky heads to the back for a bottle of chloroform and a rag, which soon find their way across Violet’s airways. Lucky presses the doused cloth to Violet’s face, awakening her into a state of panicked squirming. The dangerous substance saps Violet of her vitality till she’s out cold in Lucky’s lap. Lucky rocks her with a giggle then delivers a few face taps to disturb her slumber. Violet comes with a face full of Lucky’s cheeks as the reverse facesit is applied. Violet squirms around trying to gain leverage as the asphyxiation sets in and Lucky revels in the power she has over her opponent. Violet’s movements cease, confirming the knockout and granting Lucky the chance for limp play with the fallen Amazon.

Lucky toys with the unconscious Violet by lifting and dropping her by the arms then brings her to a stand. With Violet in a daze, Lucky goes to retrieve a steel chair from the back and attempts a huge face shot that Violet weaves. With Lucky off balance, Violet lands a kick to the stomach and snatches the dropped chair. It comes across Lucky’s face with a loud “PANG” and leaves her sprawled out and impotent. Violet sits Lucky up from the rear, salivating at the pain she’s about to inflict and snares Lucky in a sleeperhold. Lucky’s kicks her long legs to help wriggle her free and Violet maintains an anaconda’s squeeze. Gradually drained of her sentience, Lucky can’t contain herself and begins rubbing at her clit. Before she can really get started it’s lights out and Violet drops her to the mat. Violet brings her back with face taps and positions on top for a reverse headscissor. Lucky withstands the squeeze, clutching and slapping Violet’s ass as her thick thighs wrap snugly around her throat. Lucky’s inner masochist takes over as she starts pleasurably moaning from her dilemma. She toes the line between panicking and bliss as Violet constricts her, then she’s down for the count.

Violet revives Lucky, mildly curious as to her true intent and chucks her against the wall. Huge belly blows are bestowed upon lucky making her lurch forward in agony. With Violet delivering them in a close and intimate range, Lucky leans into her while grasping her glutes, puffed cheeks and lips fluttering from every strike. Violet then surprises her with a sharp crotch claw that forces a cute shriek from Lucky. Violet begins rubbing and down with pressure that gets lucky teetering that line again. Eventually the pain becomes too much to bear and the claw puts her out. The now limp Lucky is thrown to the mats and Violet folds her into a matchbook and sits on top. With Lucky crammed up and dominated she can’t help but rub her pussy. Violet notices Lucky having a bit too much fun and interrupts it with a crushing belly splash KO. She then rolls Lucky over and cranks on her throat with a frontal sleeperhold. The submission wears Lucky’s body to the floor where she begins humping the mats and clutching at her tits. Violet is somewhat puzzled at the showing and chokes Lucky out, popping her twitching ass into the air before she slumps to the surface.

Violet’s offense continues with putting Lucky in her lap and getting ahold of that chloroform rag. She tests Lucky’s will by having her prepare her own chloroform rag and smothering herself out. Violet offers encouragement by pinning the smother down and Lucky’s lust shows itself from the clit stroking and breast grabbing. Violet stops the fun and smothers her out to spice things up. She then pours the substance over her breasts and wakes Lucky for more. Violet informs Lucky of the upcoming tit smother and she can’t hide her intentions any longer. Violet presses her bust to Lucky’s face, causing her to be lost in euphoric stroking, squirming, and moaning. Lucky sprawls out from the steamy finisher then gets hold of the leather collar and leash. It’s then strapped around Lucky’s neck, she’s awakened, and she obediently answers to her goddess. The two share a kiss and a dog walk around the mat room. Next, Violet grants Lucky’s submissive desires in the form of a leash choke that incites drooling before the KO. Violet plants her thickness on Lucky for a frontal facesitting 20-count pin that doubles as a knockout. Violet flexes as she maintains the pin and she’s declared the winner, though this bout has surely had more than one winner and all is said and done.

Piggyback sleeperhold
Sleeperhold KOs
Chloroform rag smother KOs
Reverse facesitting KO
Chair shot KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Belly punching
Crotch claw KO
10-count matchbook pin w/ masturbation
Belly splash KO
Frontal sleeperhold w/ mat grinding KO
Self-chloroform smother w/ masturbation KO
Chloroform-induced breast smother KO
Dog walking
Leash choke KO
Frontal facesitting KO / 20-count pin
Victory pose
Instant replay
Tongue protrusion
Fondling / groping
Limb checks


Length: 23 min
Price: 22.99