(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


TWO amazing matches in one EPIC release…featuring none other than Little Jeanne (AKA: WCW’s Sweet Destiny ) vs two of your favorite SKW wrestlers!
Match # 1:  Little Jeanne vs Anne-Marie
Anne-Marie goes for a successful low-blow sneak attack on Jeanne that leads to a sudden barrage of belly blows and a standing crucifix!  Anne-Marie switches to a side neck scissors, followed by a sloppy clothesline that Jeanne easilyducks.  The pro shows her training with a reverse clothesline that stuns the blonde jobber, sending her to the mats, OUT COLD!  An enraged Jeanne presses her newfound advantage with:
belly blows
snap mare
body slams
texas cloverleaf
stunner KO
multiple belly splashes to a KO
triple leg drop to the throat KO
sleeper hold KO
piledriver KO
tombstone piledriver KO
and a final TOMBSTONE piledriver on the SKW belt!!!
Final pinfall and victory pose
Match # 2:  Little Jeanne vs Ivy Sloan
This time Ivy and Jeanne meet after an open challenge is met by the tiny blonde.  Jeanne accepts the match and attacks, but Ivy trips her up with a drop toe hold.  Ivy traps Jeanne in a headlock but gets a neck scissors from Jeanne as a reversal.  Ivy kicks out and the two lock up.  Jeanne pushes Ivy against the wall and works her belly over, adding chops to the chest and a snap mare for flavor.  She brutally stomps Ivy on the mats before applying a brutal hair stand and a sleeper hold that puts Ivy OUT.  She goes for the three hand drop but Ivy has JUST enough strength to stand and reverse with some elbows to Jeanne’s gut!  Jeanne counters with a hair grab and a slam to the mat.  Jeanne nails asidewalk slam but NOT the three count.  Angered, she tosses Ivy to the wall and runs for a splash but Ivy ducks out of the way!  Jeanne slams her skull into the wall and is then greeted by a boot choke from Ivy!  Ivy then applies a standing Octopus lock, but Jeanne refuses to submit. Ivy nails a brutal stunner KO and goes for the pin but Jeanne kicks out.  Ivy grabs a nearby chair and stands on it, using it to give Jeanne a hairpull face slam to the mats!  She then nails a perfect cartwheel splash but can’t seem to get the pin.  Ivy unleashes angry stomps and applies her own hair stand on the stunned Jeanne. Ivy goes for the chair again, but Jeanne grabs her and CHOKE SLAMS her to the mat!  A dazed Ivy gets covered but bridges out at the last second.  Weakened, Ivy falls victim to a TRIPLE suplex from Jeanne, as well as a standing bearhug that Ivy manages to reverse with a clap to Jeanne’s skull!  Ivy follows up with a sudden DDT that knocks Jeanne OUT.  Ivy climbs her chair and delivers her dreaded 6 foot SPLASH and ALMOST gets the 10 count!


Jeanne attacks with a hair grab that turns into a standing dragon sleeper…one that eventually turns into a reverse DDT KO!  Tired of this back and forth, Jeanne decides to end it with a brutal TOMBSTONE KO, followed by a final sleeper hold JUST to make sure!


Ivy’s eyes roll as she succumbs to unconsciousness, leaving time for a final 10 count pin and a victory pose for an exhausted Little Jeanne!


Length: 24 min

Price: $19.99