(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

HYPNO-SLAVE: chapter two

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We stumble across an interview between the sweet Sassy Kae and SK in the mat room. Kae’s elated to make the big trek from her stomping grounds to SKW and gets into some background info regarding her stats and wrestling journey. As the interview proceeds, Kae takes swigs from the provided water bottle. She begins to feel nauseous and SK urges her to cool off with more hydrating sips. Kae recoups and elaborates further, but it isn’t long before her second wind dies down.
SK reveals that he’s drugged the drink for their spontaneous session of knockouts and hypnosis. Kae attempts to opt out by heading for the door, but crashes on all fours as the sedative hits harder. She rolls over and uses every ounce of power to pull herself to her feet, however she collapses backward completely fatigued. She gets on all fours making a straining effort to get to the opposing wall, but can’t stay upright. She manages to finally get to a stand, then descends against the wall in lackadaisical fashion. SK grips her face and checks the limbs confirming she’s totally out of it.

SK stirs her awake with irritating drips from an eyedropper and she’s able to recover from her groggy mess. He brandishes a tranq pistol then plugs her straight in the heart with a dart full of a potent enervating substance. Kae quickly grows woozier and finds herself entranced by the spinning hypnosis globe. SK casts a spell on the senseless dame that leaves her out on her feet. He commands her to her knees and hands her a phone with an endlessly looping spiral that consumes her every thought. Drool pours from her lips as nothing else matters and SK begins enacting his plan.Kae is guided out of her shirt and shorts, then recites SK’s plan to recruit more babes for more hypnotic and draining emissions. Kae is handed her phone and reaches out to Buff Blondie for an innocent regular gig, then SK falls back to let the magic take place.

Kae and Blondie present before the camera and Blondie elaborates herself in the same sense Kae did earlier. SK informs her of their entrancing escapades and she’s down, however Kae’s sudden change in demeanor creeps her out. Blondie heads for the exit but is cut off when Kae wraps around her with an abrupt chloroform rag smother. Blondie hangs on the edge of consciousness as SK is pleased with the acquisition, then Kae commits to the full KO smother. Blondie is stripped to her undergarments and the next phase of their plan comes to action.

Blondie finds herself irritated awake by the water droplets and appalled at what the SK duo are up to. As Blondie’s distracted, Kae jams a syringe into her neck with the same debilitating substance she felt earlier. Kae then consumes her mind with the spinning hypnosis globe and SK’s words send her deeper into the trance. When SK is finished the girls get another round of the drool-inducing endless spiral simulation. SK sparks them out of their stupor and engages them into an improvised match. By the end of the countdown the ladies snatch their weapons of choice and the combat ensues.

They frantically circle one another as Blondie holds the chloroform rag versus Kae’s teaser. Blondie is able to slip behind Kae and place the rag to her face. Kae attempts to tase Blondie but the solvent does her in before she can get a volt off. Kae is out for the count and Blondie wakes her with flicked water to the face. A sudden burst of energy allows Kae to drive the taser into Blondie’s neck and lay her down into convulsions. Kae uses the water to revive Blondie, then the girls end up in a tussle for control of a can of chloroform spray. Blondie finds herself on the receiving end of the mist as Kae strongarms the situation.

Kae brings Blondie back to consciousness with the water and catches a filled syringe to the thigh for her efforts, dropping her into spasms before she conks out. Kae is brought back from the droplets, then the girls enter another tussle over the previously used tranq pistol. Kae gets the best of the two again as she forces Blondie to plug herself in the core. Blondie is left in a derri “air” pose and Kae is guided by SK’s words to blackout in the same position. With two acquired dolls to do his bidding, he begins his ever growing army of baddies to dish out more mesmerizing knockouts.

Drugged drink
Lethargy KO
Tranquilizer pistol KO
Hypnosis sequences
Chloroform smother KOs
Syringe attack
Taser to neck KO
Chloroform mist KO
Syringe jab KO
Pistol struggle KO
Hypnosis KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Eye rolling
Limb checks

Length: 33 min
Price: 31.99