(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

HYPNO-SLAVE: chapter one

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We enter casa de SK to see our host having a post-shoot powwow with Anne Marie. A fan requested a behind the scenes interview with the beloved jobber and SK was kind enough to provide “fresh” beverages for the occasion! They brush over a few subjects ranging from her injury recovery to new matches with the ladies and she begins to feel a bit woozy as they talk. Anne tries to stand but finds herself slowly debilitated. To Anne’s dismay, SK reveals the fan’s ploy to pay a handsome sum for this specialized interview and her attempt to dial for emergency help is interrupted. Anne’s endeavor to get to her feet only leads to her collapsing back onto the couch as the drugged water works its magic. Anne sways groggily as her eyes roll around, struggling to maintain her wit. SK takes the opportunity to engage in a bit of face play before a limb check and Anne emits further resistance. Her last words fade to unintelligible babble as her fluttering eyes close shut and she’s out cold. SK confirms her KO’d state with limb checks and light ragdolling before proceeding.

A little time passes and Anne undergoes another limb check, showing off the potency of the concoction. SK revives her and the poor girl is lost as to what’s taking place. SK’s brief insurance is followed by a chloroform rag smother that sees her strong tussle for freedom lead to her going limp and regretful until knocked out. SK follows through with limp play and ragdolling before prepping the next phase of their exchange.

Anne comes to in a fit of confusion and fatigue as SK checks on her. The irony of her questioning his mask is met with a chloroform spray to the face that she attempts to evade. She desperately staggers to the sealed back door, but is cut off as a second barrage drops her to her knees. She only makes a few paces before growing weaker, collapsing to her stomach as the formula renders her powerless and comatose. SK has more fun with her limp figure before bringing her back to the comfortable couch for his next hoax.

Anne awakens in a stupor to find her phone conveniently placed on her chest. She desperately dials emergency services but catches a number of volts to the back of the neck that disrupts her speech. SK takes the phone and dismisses the dispatcher before administering an enervating substance to Anne’s neck via syringe. She reels and is out in no time flat. SK checks to make sure she’s out before an OTS carry to the mat room for more festive KOs.

Anne lies comatose and spread eagle in a shiny 2-piece bikini before she wakes. SK slickly procures a tranquilizer pistol as she tries to find her way. A shot to the thigh jars her senses as she hazily teeters toward SK before dropping to her knees. A shove to the chest sends her crashing backwards for the knockout as ensured by SK’s limb checks. Next, he retrieves the chloroform rag and sits her up in his lap. Anne is startled into a panic as she’s revived, but this time SK offers her a fighting chance as he allows her to grab the rag. She’s soon overpowered and forced into a rag smother causing her to thrash in protest. The substance drains her will and energy and SK sets her on her knees to be finished. A second smother puts her to sleep before she’s laid into a derri “air” KO pose.

Some time passes and SK stirs her awake by toppling her enticing posture. Anne makes her way to her feet but struggles to shake the cobwebs. SK issues her the challenge to get past him, but her attempt is easily thwarted as the concealed tranq gun pops her in the chest. A second shot drops her to her knees and a gut shot causes her to woozily wobble. SK takes her face in his grasp as to finish her off, but instead sends her toppling backwards as the tranqs have already taken their toll.

Sometime after Anne awakens in a haze but is caught off guard by SK’s donning of the mask. Anne receives another challenge to stay awake for 60 seconds, but catches a mist to the face as she begins the count. She tries her damndest, stumbling around and using the wall to support herself before her legs give way. By the time she hits 40 she’s a slumped and drooling mess. A few face taps get her to wake and SK retreats before she becomes aware. She stands puzzled in the center of the mats then catches a shocking prod to the back, dropping her to the mats where she agonizingly tenses up and convulses. Anne manages to recover and stand again but suffers another stabbing shock to the back that sits her down. She’s completely out of it as SK grants her the chance to flee, then catches her in the rear with another loaded syringe that puts her down.

After a while of lying stiff in derri “air”, SK rouses her awake for more punishment. A sleeperhold brings her down to the mats for a KO and presents SK with the window for lift and carry action. She’s sat against the wall and her carotid artery is squeezed, prepping her for the cherry on the sleepy sundae. Anne comes to and undergoes another dosage of the loaded syringe, ensuring she’s feeble and helpless for the upcoming hypnotism. The pendulum captures her gaze, forcing her into a trance she can’t resist. The spell turns her into a limp doll as the following limb checks meet no resistance.

Anne finds herself entranced in a hypnotism program to the point of drooling beyond her own consciousness. SK removes her bindings and she’s completely stuck, victim to the will and call of her captor. The brainwashing has turned her into a slave with a focus to carry out SK’s demands of knocking out and entrancing the other ladies. His command of “sleep” folds her sideways and unconscious, ready to serve as the first of many in a growing of army of femme fatales.

Spiked drink
Excess dizziness
Chloroform smother KOs
Chloroform spray KOs
Over-the-shoulder carries
Lift and carry
Stun baton play
Syringe KOs
Tranquilizer gun KOs
Derri “air” KO poses
Sleeperhold KO
Eye checks
Limp play
Limb checks


Length: 38 min
Price: 34.99