(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 55 min

Price: $18.99

Starring: Devon, Sybil Starr, Pandora, Sinn Sage, Jackson, Onyx, and Hollywood

In this, our very first installment of our “HOW THE WEST COAST WAS WON” series (shot at the 2008 Women’s Wrestling Convention in San Diego), the lovely Devon squares of against the ever-popular Sybil Starr! The rules are simple: Within the time limit, whichever lady scores the most KOs (confirmed by lifting and dropping the hand 3 times) wins…and anything else goes. The powerful Sybil gets an early lead, grappling Devon down and applying a powerful bodyscissors that leads to a sudden and life-sucking sleeper hold. Soon enough, Devon is out cold…and the point is scored. Sybil continues dominating, grappling Devn again and trapping her in a modified cobra clutch sleeper KO for the second point! Devon wakes up only to fall victim to the dreaded camel clutch…one that morphs into a near-KO scissors, a brutal DDT, and yet ANOTHER sleeper!

Devon, however, seems to have had enough…and with a sudden rake to the eyes drops Sybil to her back. She drops a powerful leg across Sybil’s belly…nailing several follow-up belly splashes and a sudden DDT that leaves Sybil in a daze. A second DDT does it, however, and Sybil is completely still…asleep on the mats. It’s now Devon’s turn to unleash hell…and she does so via a double running snapmare KO, figure four neckscissors KO, torture rack, bearhug KO, and a final extended sleeper hold that slowly renders the guest-wrestler unconscious!

The final score lands in Devon’s favor (4-2)…and after a well-deserved victory pose, Devon graciously wakes Sybil up and congratulates her on her first ever SKW appearance. Sybil…shaken but happy, hugs Devon as the two leave the room…capping off the first of EIGHT one-on-one battles featuring the ladies of the West against some of your favorite SKW stars!!!


We fade in on Sinn Sage taking on the lovely Pandora in an all-KOs tme-limit battle, the second of its kind in our continuing east vs west series, shot at the 2008 WWC! The battle begins with Sinn in control, taking Pandora down and out with pindown maneuvers, body scissors, figure four neckscissors KO, camel clutch (fish-hook), and a body scissors/sleeper KO. Thinking she’s got this one wrappd up, Sinn sets Pandora up against the wall and runs for a body splash…one that Pandora ducks at the last second! Sinn smashes head-first and stumbles back, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she crumples to the mats, out cold!

Now it’s Pandora turn to take control, and she does so for the remainder of the match, putting Sinn away with a long-held sleeper hold KO, a running wall splash, a straight neck scissors KO, and a final tactic that’s not very pretty. Straddling Sinn’s stomach, Pandora unleashes a  barrage of eight punches to Sinn’s jaw…ending it all with a final left hook that KO’s the California wrestler for the final pin count! All that’s left is a final victory pose and we have ourselves a winner. Making it 2-0 for the SKW team against the West Coast!


We continue this now legendary series that pits SKW vs the best of the West Coast with the lovely Fantasy, pacing and complaining that her opponent is LATE for their match!  As the pro wrestler complains about the lack of professionalism in California, however, the beautiful Jewell Marceau sneaks from the shadows…and attacks with a vicious sleeper hold!

Soon enough, Fantasy lies out cold as Jewell scores her first pin.  She soon wakes Fantasy up with a brutal bearhug that leads to some body splashes (the kind only Jewell can deliver) and a neckscissors KO that scores yet another pin for the West Coast veteran!  As Jewell goes for a wall splash, however, Fantasy quickly moves out of the way, leading to an accidental KO for Jewell that scores a point for Fantasy…who is now seething with anger!

Fantasy proceeds to demolish her treacherous foe, nailing a neck claw KO, a running snapmare, a sleeper hold KO, body scissors, chokeout/sleeper KO, belly claw attack, and a final STUNNER that lays Jewell out for good…leading to a pin, win, and victory pose for the lovely Fantasy, who adds another point to the EAST COAST in this series…one that’s FAR from over!!


The East vs West feud continues as the lovely Jackson (who dedicated the most of her time to our San Diego collaborations) takes on the lethal but lovely ONYX in a pro-style pinfalls battle!

After a small grappling battle, Jackson ends up on top early on, pinning Onyx down via grapevine and moving on to a powerful sleeper hold that eventually wears Onyx down and out!   Jackson continues her lead, escaping a serious attack from Onyx via face-rake and applying her now-legendary single-leg scissor for the second KO on the seasoned pro!  As she prepares to coast for a win, a tired Onyx finds the strength to reverse an arm wringer, bringing Jackson down for her very own sleeper hold!  Soon enough, our SKW dancer is out cold in the pro’s grip, and the tables slowly start turning in this amazing mat battle!

Onyx goes to town on the limber Jackson, trapping her in an insane boston crab, a peffect surfboard, and yet another sleeper KO!  Jackson wakes up to a brutal body slam, followed by a full weight walk over her belly, a full nelson, forearms to the back, and a modified cobra clutch that puts Jackson out yet again!

A brutal hair stomp gets Jackson up and nearly weeping in pain as Onyx applies a standing scissors and a final sleeper hold that strengthens the pro fighter’s lead.  With just a minute left, Onyx decides to addinsult to injury, nailing a final running bulldog for the final knockout and pin!


In this, the final installment of our popular East vs West series, the legendary Hollywood faces SKW’s Jackson in a most-KOs battle you’ve all been begging to see!

We start off with Jackson dominating, trapping Hollywood in an instant arm-wringer, followed by an armlock…which leads to a sleeper hold that drives Hollywood down to the mats.  The KO soon follows, and the score is 1-0 with Jackson in the lead!   Jackson presses her advantage, stomping her opponent, nailing a DDT, and then locking her in for a reverse neckscissors.  A belly blow knocks Hollywood down, and Jackson follows up with severeal patented “split” splashes across the veteran’s belly.  After that, Jackson scores again with her well-known single leg neckscissors KO.

Jackson attacks Hollywood with several blows against the wall, including some heavy belly punches that lead to a figure four neckscissors KO for yet another point.  The confident Jackson throws Hollywood into the wall, going for a wall splash…but it’s one that Hollywood sidesteps.  Jackson smashes into the wall, knocking herself silly…as Hollywood regains her strength.

The tide now turns, as Hollywood exacts some vengeance against the SKW fighter.  Chokes, stomps, kicks, a leg nelson submission, and a sleeper hold end it for Jackson and score Hollywood her 1st point…but she ain’t done yet.  She traps Jackson in a straight neckscissors, mixing in some belly blows for a KO.  Hollywood continues the pounishment, hitting Jackson with some brutal jackhammers and locking in a back-ending camel clutch.

A DDT KO follows…but Hollywood spieces it up with a long-held bearhug KO.  Seeing that she’s shooting for Sleeperkid’s World, however, Hollywood is nice enough to end it all with a perfectly applied sleeper hold…one that puts Jackson out and wins the match for Hollywood.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this awesome series…but believe us when we tell you that it ain’t over between the SKW and the West Coast!