We fade in on Sailor Ivy standing over the defeated bodies of Ashley Graham and Danielle Trixie.  She tells us that we’re about to see a highlight reel explaining this outcome, and we suddenly fade in on several high spots throughout the previous battle,  one that starts with Ashley and Danielle double teaming Ivy…only to get destroyed by the spunky blonde in the end!!!


2 on 1 belly punching
uppercut KO on Ivy
two sleeper holds on IVY, back to back KOs
multiple jabs to the jaw KO on Ivy
OTS carry on IVY
Ivy reverses double clothesline, removes the girls’ masks
multiple sleeper hold KOs
1 on 2 wall splash
two handstand neck scissors
floor jabs to the face KO
tongue out KOs
snap mare
multiple cartwheel splashes KO
Ivy’s patented 6 foot chair splash!
back to back tombstone piledriver KOs
body pile
victory pose


Length: 18 min

Price: $16.99