We fade in on a pile of out cold bodies (belonging to Lila Adare, Sumiko, and Star..making her SKWPPV debut), clad in gloves and sleeping off one hell of a three way boxing battle!  SK tells us that he couldn’t get the entire fight on camera, so he’s treating fans to one heck of a highlight reel!

What follows is an amazing series of single, double, and triple KO boxing attacks that ends exactly how it started, with a body pile on the SKW mats!!


face jabs
belly blows
floor punching
eyerolling knockouts
double body pileups
multiple face punches, jabs, and uppercuts
double punch to the temples KO
sleeper chokeout
triangle chokeout / jab KOs
low blow
foor blows to the belly
foor blows to the skull
overkill attacks
over the top / silly reactions
tongue protrusion
final dual punchouts
Sumiko begs to be KO’ed by the camera man
POV punch KO
final body pile


Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99