We fade in on the broken and piled up bodies of Serena and Candle Boxxx, snoozing on the mats as pro superstars Taeler Hendrix and Hellena Heavenly boast about their epic win!

Turns out Taeler was easily defeating Candle when Serena interfered, knocking the rowdy redhead out with a sudden stunner!   What follows after this is a series of highlight clips…each one leading to Hellena’s interference, and a brutal 2 on 2 beatdown for the American Flag-clad jobber tag team!!!


snap mares
sleeper hold KOs
eye check
figure four neckscissors/leglock combo KO
run in attack from Hellena
forced head smash double KO
double sleeper KO
double splash KO
belly punching
chokes against the wall
triple running wall splash
pancake double splash KO
forced body splash / body pile
victory poses
2 on 1 belly punching
2 on 1 bearhug
running pancake smash KO
2 on 1 stunner KO (with twitching)
Candle is dragged away
Serena is disposed of via multiple face punches/double uppercut
chair shot to the face
tombstone piledriver KO (with twitching)
finishing pins


Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99