(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

HIGHLIGHTS: volume 52

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In a body pile lies Mia Hope & Karly Salinas beneath SKW legend, Devon. Devon gives a brief breakdown of what just took place. Devon strikes another victory pose over her fallen foes before we flashback at what brought the ladies to this point.

We come to see Devon limbering up in the mat room as Mia & Karly spy on her in the background. They sneak in to commence their ambush on Devon with a dual double ax handle to her back, then she’s wrapped up in Karly’s sleeperhold. With Devon representing the old guard, Karly and Salinas are the new girls on the block looking to make a name for themselves and what better way than to take out an SKW legend. Devon withers into a KO from Karly’s sleeper and the girls toy with the weakened Devon. Mia gets her turn at a seated sleeperhold and Devon provides a tongue lashing despite her predicament. Devon goes limp and twitchy in the squeezing hold, offering Mia and Karly a chance to score a 10-count double leg hook pin. They place feet on her midsection and hit poses for the first fall before punishing further.

Devon is whipped into the wall slamming against it, giving Karly and Mia free reign to lay into with a variety of belly strikes. Knees, kicks, and punches crash into her core as the ladies continue to lay down the trash talk. They pursue with a series of wall splashes taking turns blasting the air from Devon’s body till a body piling splash lays Devon out in a derri “air” pose. They hit another quick win pose before flipping Devon over for a set of 2-handed press pins to the vanquished vet. With the count confirmed, the jezabels hit another pose over the helpless Devon.

Devon finds herself entirely groggy and drooling, standing between the girls as they’ve gloved up for some pounding pugilism and an extra heap of trash talk. They tear into Devon with hook punches, spinning her in circles as they take turns with the slugging blows. They touch arms and strike Devon with simultaneous straight punches before dropping her to the mats with an arm-hooking double uppercut KO. They hit the 10-count as there’s no chance that Devon wakes from the knockout strike and they hit another set of foot-to-stomach win poses.

Devon wakes up snared in a boston crab with one girl taking hold of each leg, getting double the cram on her lower back. The teasing continues as Devon’s position is compromised and they lift her for more. They set Devon up for a running clothesline which is swiftly ducked and countered with a dual clothesline that drops the babes for a set of near KOs. Devon sets her sights on Mia, taking her out with a seated sleeperhold and ensuring she’s out with a limb check. Karly gets the same treatment as a snaring sleeperhold saps her life as well. Devon finally gets a moment of peace to regain her wit and proceeds by standing her adversaries against the wall. She rips into them with a variety of belly strikes including dual kicks that smash into them in unison. She then stacks the girls against the wall and takes them out with a set of running wall splashes that lay them into a derri “air” KO’d pile. Devon confidently takes her earned win pose and her opponents are in for it.

Devon displays her muscle by taking the girls out at the same time. Mia snug in a sleeperhold and Karly wrapped tight in a triangle choke. Each girl is dealt a 10-count single leg hook pin and Devon flexes over them at the end of the fall. Next, the ladies stand before Devon as dazed heaps as Devon has gloved up. She thrashes them with numerous hooks, spinning them in punchdrunk circles. She then rocks them with simultaneous straight punches before knocking them out with a set of winding uppercuts assisted by drooling. Devon’s onslaught continues by sitting atop each girl and knocking them out with ground and pounds. She also returns the boxing 10-count that neither girl budges against, granting her another W for the match.

Devon’s final wave of punishment begins with a chair leg pressed to each of their throats as she clamps down with her weight on the seat until they’re motionless. They’re brought to their feet and taken out with a number of steel chair shots to the face and blown kisses to sprawl them out. With the pair down and out, Devon makes sure they’re down for good with continued chair shots as they lie powerless. Devon then folds the twosome for a 10-count dual matchbook pin and drags them into a body pile before a win pose spells the end of the match with her as the victress.

Seated sleeperhold KOs
10-count double leg hook pin
Assorted belly blows
Running wall splashes
Double wall splash KO
Dual 10-count 2-handed press pin
Double face punches
Double uppercut KO
10-second KO counts
Double boston crab
Dual running clothesline KO
Dual running wall splashes KO
Dual triangle choke & headscissor KOs
10-count single leg hook pins
Dual face punches
Dual winding uppercut KO
Mounted punches KOs
Dual sitting chair choke KO
Chair shots KOs
Blown kiss KOs
Dual 10-count matchbook pins
Derri “air” KO pose
Derri “air” body pile
Body pile
Trash talk
Tongue protrusion
Limb checks
Victory poses


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99